Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fire Your Marketing Department Today - We Carry Out Global Marketing Campaigns Around The Globe For Less

WE  WORK  WITH  ALL  BUDGETS - From the 1 Man Company to the Fortune 500 Companies

Search "Khrystus Wallace" or "KVK ENTERPRISES" or "Dare 2 BE Different" or "Hope is Ahead" on any search engine and you'll find us to the top of your searches. We want to make this happen to you too. WE  KNOW  HOW. . . .

In trying economic times, many companies are being FORCED to FIRE  THEIR  MARKETING  DEPARTMENTS  and outsource their marketing jobs and contracts to firms such at Khrystus Wallace Consulting - www.kwconsultingskn.com

Let's be realistic! Why pay for 40 hours a week for a full office of marketing officers that are barely producing and barely helping to bring in extra sales? Why pay for a Full Marketing staff that barely has ideas and are not using the most innovative and technological tools available?

Why pay for a marketing staff, extra utilities, extra time with human resource, vehicle expenses, insurance etc when you can hire firms like Khrystus Wallace Consulting - www.kwconsultingskn.com

We have THE  IDEAS! We have the Screen Printing Machines! We have the Embroidery Machines! We Have the Banner Printing Machines! We Have the Printers to Print Flyers and Posters! We Have the people to build the websites! We have the people to send to your country to help carry out the campaign! We have it all! WE  CAN  HELP  YOU! 

What has kept us going during turbulent time? It's our marketing skills! Even when things get rough, we still let the world know what we can do and people still keep using one of our services and the little that comes in from here and there keeps us going. In all your cutting BACK - NEVER  CUT  BACK  ON  MARKETING! Just RESTRUCTURE  YOUR  MARKETING  DEPARTMENT  AND  OUTSOURCE  YOUR  WORK.

Call Khrystus Today: 869-664-0911 / BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3

Companies, Churches, Non Profit Organizations, Political Parties are turning to the internet to outsource marketing and consulting companies to do their marketing for them. One of the companies they happily turn to is Khrystus Wallace Consulting - www.kwconsultingskn.com

We do everything IN-HOUSE and your never have to go else where to get make your marketing dreams reality!

Our Marketing Services - All Inhouse - We Do It Ourselves

* T-shirt, Embroidery, Polo Shirt - Screen Printing and Embroidery

* We print your logo or message on mousepads, keyrings, mugs, banners, signs, etc

* We create 1 Hour Promotional Webpages and also build full websites

* We help companies build ECOMMERCE websites and start allowing their customers to shop online while they charge credit cards

* We are Social Media Experts - TWITTER, FACEBOOK, LINKED-IN and dozens of other Social Media Websites

* We can travel to your country to carry head up door to door marketing campaigns

* We run SMS and EMAIL Marketing Campaigns

* We produce Radio and TV Commercials

* We run YOUTUBE Campaigns and send visitors to your videos

* We build a customer database for you

* We Do FAST AND CREATIVE Political Marketing and Give 21st Century Advice around the world - www.kwforpm.com

We provide Consulting and Other Business Services to help get your business up to scratch with Technology and help train your employees all around the world. Motivational Inspiration Khrystus Wallace can surely get the job done - he'll come himself and walk with his team

We can get the job done for you! We're ready to start yesterday! Email: info@kwconsultingskn.com  to give us an idea of what you want and do include your Telephone Number

Remember - EVERY  CENT  COUNTS  NOW  A  DAYS. You can get more for your money by OUTSOURCING  TO  THE  CARIBBEAN!  No more employees, no more rent to pay, no more extra human resource issues, cut down on your electricity bills, no employee insurance and social security to pay.

THOUSANDS  OF  COMPANIES  ARE  TURNING  TO  WWW.ELANCE.COM  - We market our services there too.

TEL: 869-664-0911  or 786-401-4016

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