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I Have Very Close Friends Around My Deepest Enemies

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6th April, 2013

I cannot continue to underscore the importance of reminding individuals how small this world is. I want you to know that everyone won't love you and everyone won't hate you. That's a fact! I do believe though what the Bible says. They that are for you are more than they that are against you.

My recent formation of a Godly Youth Politcal Party in St. Kitts - Nevis (Caribbean) as an Agressive Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Style Ordained Minister attached to my global ministry Dare 2 Be Different International - has sparked much controversy not only in St. Kitts - Nevis, but across the Caribbean and the world.

It is during such a controversial time you tend to recognize who are your closest and truest friends, who are your enemies and who the hypocrites are around you.

NOTE  WELL:  HYPOCRITES  ARE  ON  THE  LOOSE. As a politician in the peak of political season here in St. Kitts - Nevis, I listen very attentively to those who bring information. I have to be very careful with who I trust.

NO! NO! NO! Don't judge me - I don't go by hearsay. Technology has now eliminated hear say, therefore, most of the things people are saying about me now, I have them delivered to me instantly through BlackBerry or WhatsApp Voice notes or Via Email.

If folks are speaking negatively about me via TEXT MESSAGE, FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, MSN etc, my TRUE and CLOSEST friends send me their messages or copy their chat to me with these technological phones. At times they jump in in my defence. After all - I confess - I am not perfect - are you? Then cast the first stones.

Then, I have those who claim to be my friends and listen to every negative thing said about me, digest it and then continue spreading it without finding the truth. I know who is really for me from the 1st of March, 2013 - the day I launched my Political Party. Those that are for me, hear and come quickly to find out the truth.

I have no problem with folks talking badly about me. It's their right. It's called freedom of speech. What I do have a problem with is this. Folks lamblasting me and making me look like the worst creature on the face of the earth, then showing up at my business place - late in the night after hours wanting a favour. A shirt embroidered or screen printed because they can't go to work without uniform.

Or they show up, having bashed me terribly wanting some computer training because they just got a new job and need urgent brushing up at:

How crazy can people get?

Or, a Pastor bashing me with his members than giving me a big handshake and a smile like all is well.

I forgive them all still - but I am very careful with them, because they can kill me too.

I am happy for technology. It helps me be strong and know who is who. I never really let people know that I know too. I just play back the game with them. I am compiling a record of all the negative texts, emails that people pass between each other on me. I am saving the recorded voice notes of people pulling me down.

Trust me, one day soon, when God allows my dreams to come to pass, I will publish a book along with a CD and sell it to the world to show that YOU  CAN'T  KEEP  A  GODMAN  DOWN.

Be very careful with what you say about people today, because you may need them tomorrow, and may be so afraid to ask for help, because you won't be sure if they heard all the bad that you said about them too. I Have Very Close Friends Around My Deepest Enemies

Prayerfully submitted.

Khrystus Wallace

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