Friday, January 11, 2013

$1000 Youth Businesses to Spur Economic Growth Globally and Put Hundreds to Work

The 26 year old President and Founder of Dare 2 Be Different International -  is at it again as he pushes to do what he does best - HELP  AND  EMPOWER  YOUTHS.

Wallace said that after 5 years of putting together one of his BIGGEST empowerment ideas for youth, he thought now was the time, at the beginning of the year to launch the endeavour as early as people around the world as many persons were still calling him, emailing him and reaching out for help with regards to JOBS.

$1000 Dollar Stores - is a business in a box franchise  project that would hand a working business over to the applicant within 7 - 21 working days after payment is made. The applicant doesn't have to do a thing. Dare 2 Be Different will register the business in the country, pay the necessary startup taxes, apply for concessions if applicable etc. On a case by case basis, youth applicants can be considered to invest more to start businesses that Khrystus Wallace has mastered such as Embroidery, Screen Printing, Banners and Signs, etc etc but are recommended to start first with a $1000 Store as he was in contact with DOZENS of WHOLESALE  SUPPLIERS ready to give further discounts do business around the globe because things were tough.

The effort would be a joint partnership with Dare 2 Be Different International and the applicant that can be as young as 13 years old (Once they apply with a parent/guardian if under 18), For an investment of US$1000 - the applicant would get 60% of the profits while the ministry would get 40%.

All the youth applicants have to mainly do across the world is to sell their products and market on their social media pages, while a New Department of Dare 2 Be Different would do everything else. Accounting, Buying of goods at discounted prices, Maintain Websites, Backend Processing of Credit/Debit Cards, Social Media Marketing, Printing of T-shirts, Banners, Signs etc for the business to name a few of the partnership benefit.

The successful applicant would get an ECOMMERCE business with the following benefits:

* No rent to pay since they can just stock their items at home and deliver or ship
* A fully functional ECOMMERCE  WEBSITE with the ability to charge credit / debit cards and also use their Blackberry / iPhone to charge too or anywhere an internet connection is.
* US$500 worth of products that they choose to sell,
* Discounted FEDEX & DHL Rates though Wallace's USA Business - (Better than their country rates)
* Free Marketing and exposure especially on The Caribbean Auction Site -
* Free printing of T-shirts, Polos, Banners, Signs etc because Dare 2 Be Different Internatioal is a partner organization of and

*+ other benefits listed on

President Wallace said this initiative falls under their CATCH  THEM  YOUNG  PROJECT where his ministry seeks to start introducing youths to the world of ENTREPRENEURSHIP  AND AGRICULTURE and AGRO-PROCESSING  EARLY because governments and the education system has started to push it far too late in people's lifetime and in children's educational system.

Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed and Dean of The Dare 2 Be Different Academy (that will open in September, 2013) confirmed that students will be introduced to Entrepreneurship, Agriculture and Agro-Processing in some way as early as Kindergarten so that by the time they reach Grade 4 then would be starting to make real money and by Form 2 or 3 - be running fully fledged businesses and balancing eduation too.

Khrystus commented - "What we find happening across the world now that we have economic problems is that governments all across the world are encouraging individuals to turn to entrepreneurship and agriculture and now trying to FORCE them to go to business labs workshops  and start farming etc. 

Many just attend but get no help at all. How can you teach Entrepreneurship at schools and not give the students startup capital. How can you be hosting all these business labs workshops and not let participants leave with at least a $500 startup cash in hand?

The $1000 store project is in fact a REAL  LIFE  BUSINESS  LABS  PROJECT  that will give each applicant a WORKING  BUSINESS and provide ongoing training under one roof - Dare 2 Be Different International. This is what I have been talking about for a long time - the power of clubs. The power of cooperatives.

You see, if the idea goes as planned and we have hundreds of our $1000 stores buying in bulk, shipping in bulk etc, those we buy with and ship with have no choice but to carry down our costs and therefore allow us to profit more. Talking about profits, young people will be able to immediately sell for less than the brick and mortar stores because they work from home via social media advertising their business and delivering their products and simply profiting. This is a WARNING to all those working for BRICK and MORTAR COMPANIES - start thinking about your own businesses. It is small businesses that are keeping countries alive and governments are not confessing it and not helping. There are only a few big businesses around and I am certain that they are not the ones keeping countries alive.

That is what I have been suggesting to ministry leaders all my life but no one has listened so I'm doing it myself. The Church should cater for the spiritual well being of individuals too but it also had a SOCIAL  RESPONSIBILITY as Jesus never allowed a crowd to follow him without feeding them."

Wallace has also recently added a new department to his FLORIDA BUSINESS called Integrity Professional Solutions - which would seek to market the services of his Dare 2 Be Different Supporting members around the world and connect them with people who need jobs completed so as to continue to provide MONEY for his members with NEEDS instead of just talking and talking and talking about HOPE  IS  AHEAD.

Another one of his projects that will come on stream during his 5th Anniversary Year is The People's Store. This store will only sell locally produced items by YOUTHS such as fruits, vegetables, clothes, craft, soap etc. The only things it will import are the items that cannot be produced locally such as toothpaste, pampers etc etc. The People's Store will also be a franchise project that will be in every country where a Dare 2 Be Different International is and will ONLY employ the organization's members.

President Khrystus ended by saying, "You see, I honestly launched these ahead of openingThe Victory Centre - because I wanted to show folks that what I am saying that none of my global members would ever be unemployed was the truth because people have been asking me how I will get that happened. and are part of the answers because we have many more ideas in the pipeline.

On a serious note though, every parent should invest in a $1000 dollar store from the moment their child turns 13 across the world. It will do two or three things.

1. Provide a practical way for children to stay occupied and out of trouble and off the streets, which is less work for law enforcement

2. It will help children start early to work and save for college and university and even teach them how hard their parents have to work to provide for them when they are doing it themselves and

3. Interestingly enough, because of Dare 2 Be Different's Ideas and Innovation, we are now going to see 13 and 14 and 15 year olds contributing to households and even paying bills. If Social Security allows it across the globe, their systems will become even stronger because DARE  TO  BE  DIFFERENT INTERNATIONAL  would have lowered the working age and helped to spur economic growth around the world. We will see 13 year olds who have businesses contributing to economic development since they too will be paying taxes. Imagine that. This is how you run AN  EMPOWERMENT  PROJECT"

Wallace who has never received a grant or funding of anytype from any organization, or any offerings or tithes on a weekly basis over the 5 years of his minstry's existence has never given up and continues to outshine many organizations that have a strong financial backing simply because he defintely has a heart for the people.

Sign up your youth for a $1000 Dollar Business today! -

Global Investors interested in talking to Wallace and helping him carry out some of his personal innovative ideas and ideas for his ministry can email  or  BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3 or WhatsApp: 1-869-663-0114. He has dozens of executive summaries ready for review.

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