Saturday, April 6, 2013

Have You Ever Been Called A Lunatic? Probably Not!

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6th April, 2013

Great minds, outside the box thinkers, people who are different and go above and beyond to make their dreams come through or get what or who they want in life are often called crazy and lunatics.

Those that sit down, relax and do nothing are called nothing. (Begin to watch and see from today)

The Wright Brothers went through much pain and suffering and shame, but we can fly in Aeroplanes today and get where ever we want to go quicker than sale boats that once took weeks to reach from St. Kitts  Nevis to England.

If you, like me are ever called a lunatic or crazy simply because you are different, NEVER  GET  DOWN. Use it as a source of motivation to surge ahead and accomplish your dreams even if the road gets rocky and the waters are rough. Keep foremost in your mind that you will make it and let your HATERS be your motivation.

You're DIFFERENT and the regular minds would NEVER understand you and while trying to rise, rest assured that it'll be a struggle, because all the other crabs in the barrel will be trying to do one thing - KEEP  YOU  DOWN with them. Never stop trying until you reach the top and accomplish ALL your dreams!

Don't worry if they call you crazy or a lunatic! Hope is ahead for you -

Khrystus Wallace

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