Saturday, April 6, 2013

How To Give Someone a Heart Attack Via Email And Discard them as a Friend

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6th April, 2013

Since I founded The Hottest and Newest Political Party in St. Kitts - Nevis -, I have been having some interesting days and interesting experiences.

Just yesterday, an individual was emailing some nasty things back and forth to another person about me and then, since I have done business with them before, they accidentally typed in my email address and clicked send. You have to becareful with emails, because you can't recall them.

When I read through all of the NASTY  COMMENTS from someone I thought was close to me, I responded and said, "You sent your email to the wrong person." I am yet to receive a reply and I can't wait until I see the person face to face. I want to see their response.

I thought they were close to me, but I've now learned otherwise. I really don't know who to trust right now, so I have to pray and trod carefully because there are Judas' on the loose.

I wonder if you've been involved too. . . sooner or later I'll hear and confirm too. I love being an expert at technology. I help folks and businesses all around the world, especially with marketing and call centre jobs - Send yours to me -

Therefore, it's quite easy to give someone an electronic HEART  ATTACK. When you find out what they've been saying or doing to you, forgive them first, but let them know that you know what they've been doing and heap coals of fire upon their heads forever by doing good still.

Khrystus Wallace
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