Monday, April 8, 2013

Just Thank God You Weren't Married

When the gentleman who heard about the situation came to see me, he pat me on the should and hugged me and said. Just thank God you were not married - God always gives quality men - quality women!

I didn't think of that at all before, but he got me thinking for true. God does promise to look after his own beyond what we can ever imagine or think. So if you ever find out that things aren't working out, LET  GO - LET  GOD. Chances can damage images.

If I had let go when I couldn't take certain things any more, then, oh then. . . .


That was my big mistake. But, according to the gentleman who came - I thank God I wasn't married because I got to see a preview of what a Horrible Marriage I would Have Had - so I leave it for others. 

God always gives quality men - quality women!

Khrystus Wallace

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