Friday, June 1, 2012

25 Year Old Khrystus Wallace launches his USA Business Facebook Page

" is official now!" Those were the words of CEO of The Supply Shop Inc, a Florida based company that used June 1st 2012, as a launch date to start aggressively marketing to the USA territories and the world.

Having noticed that he must be innovative and focus on The Global Market in order to survive a Global Recession, Mr. Khrystus "Innovative Thinker" Wallace decided that June 1st 2012 was quite appropriate to push forward with marketing his USA Based The Supply Shop Inc. (T.S.S.I). He started T.S.S.I in 2010 as he looked ahead into the world of globalization.
Wallace didn't do much with this company, other than run his freight forwarding shipping business into St. Kitts - Nevis, He has decided to now focus his efforts on reaching the USA, Puerto Rico and Global market with his product and service offerings.

Wallace uses alot of technology to carry out any and all of his operations successfully and from any part of the world.

The Supply Shop Inc offers USA customers the chance to ship their goods to family and friends in St. Kitts - Nevis (preferably and most popularly) via ocean freight to save on shipping costs.

All they have to do is address and ship their packages / barrels, containers etc to:

c/o KVKSKN (This is IMPORTANT to avoid delays)
8400 NW 25th Street, STE 100
Miami, FL, 33122

Once they ship their package, they should send an email to with a copy of their Tracking Number and the Name and Person's Telephone number that the package is to be delivered to in St. Kitts or Nevis.

Packages leave Florida every Wednesday and available to St. Kitts - Nevis recipients the following Wednesday, Thursday or Friday once there are no ship delays.

Wallace believes that this service is just in time for the busy 2012 Christmas season and encourages USA Residents to use this shipping to St. Kitts, shipping to Nevis service to bring a smile on their friends and relatives faces EARLY.

He plans to use his printing background to grab a portion of the imprinting market share in the USA, Puerto Rico and the world. He credits his mother, Mrs. Yvette Wallace for giving him the business start that he needed by investing her resources into acquiring his machines. With no liens against any of his screen printing, embroidery, large format printer, heat presses, mug machines, pad printing machines etc, the young entrepreneur is positioned to start giving quality work across the world, and not just in the Caribbean through and , which he has been pleasing for some 9 years.

Khrystus plans to establish a department at T.S.S.I to market his mother's productions to the world. This department will make available St. Kitts-Nevis local craft items such as dolls, shell ear rings etc and aggro-processed items such as jams, sugar cakes, fudges, guava cheese and other confectioneries, after proper FDA approvals have been granted. Clients will be able to order these products individually or in bulk to supply stores.

Wallace also plans to market memorabilia to Facebook clients. This would allow them to put profile pictures or fancy posters on T-shirts, mugs, posters, banners, stickers, wall hangings, refrigerator magnets and more. All Facebook Clients around the world would have to do, is to email with the product they want and the picture so they can get a quotation of printing the item and shipping it to their location. They would be able to quickly and conveniently pay through emailed invoices via paypal, googlepay,, via credit, debit card..

The Supply Shop Inc would ship finished products from it's nearest Supply Shop, either The Caribbean or The USA.

With the recent launch of Wallace's Caribbean Auction Site,, he hopes to teach USA Youth how to sell items that are readily needed in the Caribbean on this site.

Visionary Wallace has hopes of officially launching Dare 2 Be Different International (USA) along with it's Mission Mobilization Project ( to motivate American youth to get occupied by learning a skill or using the skills they have to make life. He currently runs this program in St. Kitts with young people and it has resulted in the formation and growth of several small youth businesses.

While all participants are worth mentioning, he singled out one. This is a Mission Mobilization Business owned by Mr. Curtis Mulley who does hand paintings and draws murals on walls etc. Mulley used The Mission Mobilization project to market his services more and has seen a growth in his sales. . He custom draws fine art for clients such as banks and other reputable organizations and is prepared to ship his work through The Supply Shop Inc to clients across the USA.

Wallace also believes that the USA would also be a great place for a Dare 2 Be Different International Mission Centre (Read about this idea at:

He already has a Dare 2 Be Different International in St.Kitts-Nevis - and Kenya  -

Khrystus believes that building The Supply Shop Inc brand, and marketing it across Puerto Rico, The USA and the world would be a light thing, especially since he has built an international following as he writes almost daily on "Most of our readers actually come from the USA." he said.

As the interview closed, Khrystus was asked, "What is the Key to Success?" His response sounded like he was giving a motivational speech, which is another successful career that he has on the side. This is what he said, "The key to success is to never give up. Even when the rope you're holding on to seems to be bursting and you're losing grip, hold on still. Even when you are knocked down and bleeding, refuse to stop breathing. It's that type of attitude will get you to accomplish your goals."

He positively said, "Even if this idea doesn't work and I have to go back to the drawing board, I refuse to give up and stop trying. I have dozens of ideas and I am always ready to unleash them. I'm prepared to take my licks, suffer my shame at times, but like Jesus, accomplish what I have set out to do - WIN."

Interested persons can visit The Supply Shop Inc at or start shopping immediately at . Clients around the world can also email their logos / pictures to be printed with details to for quotations.

Don't forget to LIKE and FOLLOW it's New Facebook Page at: 

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