Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If I Had Alot of Money. . .

The dream of the average man is to work, retire with what we commonly call, "alot of money," and enjoy the rest of his/her life. We plan to go on cruises and travel the world and do what we commonly would say, "enjoy what we would have worked for."

My dream is quite different though. Of course, if God provides for me a wife and gives me a family of my own, I want to ensure that I treat my wife like a queen and kids like little princes and princesses. I want to be an exemplary husband and show the world that good men still exist. I want to make sure that my family would have my time and access to the resources that they need in life and never be in want. Once they're happy, in a covenant relationship with God, and not in lack, I will feel complete.

Unlike the typical person though, If I Had Alot of Money, I'll set out on a mission to Impact Youth All Across The Globe. I have a passion to empower young people. I love to see them excel and make something out of their life. I can remember getting the first opportunity to be the featured speaker at a Graduation Ceremony very soon after I had graduated from High School.

It was actually my first job in my Motivational Speaking Career. I sat for a long time preparing for days. It was my first official speaking engagement and it would either create or destroy my Speaking Career Dream. I wanted what I said to the youth at The Bronte Welsh Primary School, Trinity Parish, St. Kitts to stick with them throughout their High School career and in years to come. I think I did do justice, because ever since then, I've been on demand to address Youth Gatherings, many other graduations and youth groups. That's my passion you see.

That's why I know that if I had alot of money, I'll travel the world and plant Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centres in every island, on every continent, in every corner of the world. (Read about the Mission Centre Vision at: http://hopeisahead.blogspot.com/2012/05/st-kitts-nevis-may-probably-be-home-to.html)

These Mission Centres, if you would have read about the vision above, would actually be Empowerment Homes for young people. They may actually be franchises owned by God's people all around the world. My idea isn't patented, so someone with access to the resources may make it happen before me - TO  GOD  BE  THE  GLORY. I would gladly jump on board.

Once they have my Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Project (http://www.mmskn.org/ ) apart of the centre, I would feel complete again. This project aims to empower youth to get a skill or use the skills they already have to make life. With my personal resources and funds from ministry fund raisers and no government and non-profit assistance, we have been helping dozens of persons get into the world of business or organize themselves better.

A few Examples:
Mr. Curtis Mulley, Artist - http://www.theartdepotskn.com/
Joy Codrington, Hair Dresser and Mini-Store Owner - http://www.tagdownskn.com/
Kerese Dias, Desktop Publisher - http://www.kayscorpskn.com/
Lemercius Wallace, Musician - http://www.djmerci.com/

It's really not about my idea, it's about impacting a generation. It's about Saving Our Youth! It's about showing them that they are special and important and talented and can make something productive out of their lives.

I know that one day, no ifs, or buts or maybes. God will send an overflow my way so that all my business dreams and ministry visions that fall under his will, would definitely come to pass.

I started writing almost daily on http://www.hopeisahead.com/ to empower myself and encourage others. To date, I have published 2 books titled God's Prescription for Positive Living I and II. By September 2012, I hope to have published III, IV, V, VI and VII.

Then I'll be able to use the profits to speed up my dreams as I accept your invitations to speak at graduations and youth empowerment events around the world and also to preach at small and large crusades everywhere. Feel free to start supporting by buying a book today: http://www.lulu.com/shop/khrystus-wallace/gods-prescription-for-positive-living/paperback/product-18639255.html;jsessionid=7CFB8EA879D5689AA11244F721843DC2

If you personally know me, I am a constant dreamer and I never give up. I fight to the finish. I believe we were all born to win and winning comes after perseverance and patience. Job was patient even when he lost everything and had to wait for God to come through again - RIGHT? Daniel constantly prayed even when the odds were against him. Joseph had to suffer. He was sold as a slave and thrown into prison before he rose to the top.

I am prepared - well prepared to fight for me dreams to the very end.

Notice something about the three. They all came out victorious.

I had a strange, strange, strange dream recently and I brushed it aside. It keeps coming back to me though. In the dream, I was told, not to worry, because one day, I'll get a mail or some mails in my letter boxes with a dollar amount to make all my dreams and visions come to pass.

So. . . .I sit and work and wait patiently on God for him to let this night dream come through and send my team and I to higher heights in Kingdom Building and Youth Impact.

That's my heart friend. If I had alot of money. . . .I'll make a big worldwide impact on the youth.

Khrystus Wallace
Youth Advocate

PS: Maybe you are the the angel that God is going to use. So, just in case you are, here are my P O Boxes

Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
2221 NE 164th Street, Suite 304
North Miami Beach, FL, 33160


Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
P O Box 2310
St. Kitts

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