Sunday, June 3, 2012 - The Caribbean's Auction Site receives overwhelming number of visits during launch month

The Caribbean's Auction Site, founder, Khrystus Wallace was overwhelmed by the number of visits his new and innovative auction site received during it's launch month May 2012.

Wallace said that when received and opened the report from his website visit trackers, he was shocked to have seen the new website received some 37358 Unique Visitors and 190423 website hits during the month of May alone.

Unique visitors usually spend time on websites and lead to active users/buyers in the future.

"My dream is to turn these Unique visitors into buyers and sellers. I expect my home country, the wider Caribbean and the world to catch on very soon. New things usually take some time, but from this first month's response, I can see that is well on it's way." Wallace commented.

He continued, "The exciting part about May 2012, was to actually see buyers grabbing for products on or from my Facebook page where I advertise the auction offerings too. Some paid online and came to my home office quickly to collect their new and used items"

It is Wallace's hope that his new innovative idea would not only benefit him, but would benefit other youths around the Caribbean and the world who see the opportunity in working online selling and shopping for deals for themselves and for people who are not technologically saavy.

In a fast changing world and economy plaguaed by recession, Wallace, a Youth advocate and Youth empowerment facilitator who established his own Mission Mobilization Project ( ) to help youths start their own businesses and use the technology to market them,  postulated that innovation is what is going to help youth to ride through these trying financial tides and reach the other side of the river successfully.

Interested persons can visit The Caribbean's Auction Site at and accredited investors interested in partnering with this 'wave of the Caribbean future' venture can email:  or BB PIN: 220067D8

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