Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Am Moving Differently For Christ From Today - Ready to Impact The World!

I'm chosen by God to be a servant not a KING. So, if you don't see me in church every Sunday but pass me on the road in my regular clothes. DON'T  JUDGE  ME!

How can I feel comfortable every Sunday in Church with my hands lifted up and listening the word, when my neighbour is suffering from depression?

How can I feel comfortable staying after church and paying $10 for a breakfast or lunch when the woman down the road doesn't even have $1 to feed her children?

Why should someone as seasoned in the word as me, attend church every SUNDAY to fill up even more, while the gang member on the side of the road just needs one more word of encouragement and warning to change. (That's SELFISH on my part)

Jesus, Peter, Paul, Elisha, Elijah, Moses and many others never remained stationary. They were never in ONE PLACE - ONE CHURCH all their life. They walked up and down making their IMPACT. They were TRUE  LEADERS. They were the DIFFERENCE MAKERS of the BIBLE. I'm following them and I'll be a DIFFERENCE  MAKER in this 21st CENTURY.

I'm Moving Differently from TODAY. I'm taking lunch or dinner for someone. I'm going to knock on doors and take church to someone's doorstep instead of dressing off in my jacket and tie and waiting for someone to come to my CHURCH. Even If I have to GO ALONE!  My team and I will continue to have the many youth activities that we've had for the past four years, UNFUNDED, but ably assisted by the small man who wants to help.

I would never write or send another letter or email to government to ask for support with our Youth Programs such as which aim to teach young people skills and how to start their own businesses instead of writing letters all the time to apply for jobs when  recession practically makes MASS employment impossible.

I would no longer write or call around to be given the run around by those in charge just to use a Governement Community Centre to host a Dare 2 Be Different Activity. I'll continue to use my home, even though it can no longer hold the number of youth we impact.

I will also continue to groan in my spirit for the youth who are WILLFULLY and SCHEMINGLY being held back from attending Dare 2 Be Different events and activities because their pastors and youth leaders say that they will not support anything that my ministry is doing.

I will throw my support behind the youth who sometimes, with their parent's permission, run away just to come to our activities to not only be taught BIBLE, but to be taught skills and to be encouraged and kept positively occupied with the many activities we have.

I am finishing away with building MY  HOME  CHURCH. I'm about KINGDOM  BUILDING  FROM  TODAY. Once I lead you to Christ and help you get proper placement in a BIBLE  BELIEVING  CHURCH, I would have done my part.

I can't be a pastor that is more concerned about building membership so offerings and tithes could be bigger so we can buy more busses and build more buildings. How can that be my heart's AIM when People Are Hurting WORLDWIDE. How can I preach that everything will be OK with the hurting when I live in a mansion and own several cars and take an EXPENSIVE VACATION twice a year when members in my church are HUNGRY.

God hasn't called me to start a CHURCH. Well at least not yet, but if he ever does, I'm ready to show many of these worldwide ministers what church should be like.

If I have to open my print shop - to produce some shirts when I'm closed just to get some extra money so that I can help feed some children or help someone in some other way, I will do that. This is CHURCH - THIS IS WHAT THE BIBLE MEANS WHEN IT SAYS - LOVE  YOUR NEIGHBOUR.

I would never ask you to give into my ministry when I don't lead by example. My business and personal activities give 10% to Dare 2 Be Different International. That's how we get to make such an impact with this LITTLE. I have to give 17% VAT to government, so I really should be giving more to GOD's Business - RIGHT?

I can't have by wardrobe filled with clothes and shoes anymore when someone stays away from Church activities because they have nothing to wear. How can I feel GOOD to be doing that and smiling with the hurting when the little I have, can help.)

I have food in my cupboard. I honestly haven't asked if the parents of the children who came to Dare 2 Be Different's Fun Friday and Spectacular Saturday this past weekend have. That isn't nice of me at all. I have to move differently from TODAY.

People are HURTING and NEED JESUS. I prefer to be a SERVANT than a KING upon the pulpit like many of our Pastors and Evangelists and Ordained Ministers around the world. We are called to exemplify JESUS - Are We Doing It?

As a SERVANT of GOD - When last have you gone the extra mile to look for the hurting brother or sister or visitor in your church when you didn't see them for a while?

As a SERVANT of GOD - When last have you stopped from driving your fancy vehicle to witness to someone you NEVER  SAW  or  MET in your life?

As a SERVANT of GOD - When last have you actually cooked a meal and taken it for someone in need YOURSELF!

As a SERVANT of GOD - Are you sensitive to those around you? At Work, At School, At Home? Some are being sexually abused, some smile but are thinking SUICIDE, some are hurting from the pain of adultery and gossipping and some are just looking for your tender I care.

As a SERVANT of GOD - When last have you watched your ministry's bank book or personal bank book and smiled and said - WOW . . . .God is blessing me? While you do that, others only need $10 to make it by.

And then we say we are CALLED  BY  GOD. Society never really tells us how they feel about us. They just hold it in. If Jesus were to stop by and ask you TODAY. . . How are you SERVING other than preaching in the pulpit or ushering or being the president of a group, WHAT  WILL  YOU  REALLY  SAY? Will you be proud of your response? Will Jesus Be Proud of it too?

And then we say we are CHRISTIANS! I Am Moving Differently For Christ From Today! I know God sees my heart and will bless Dare 2 Be Different with our Mission Centre Dream in HIS TIME. (Read about it here)

While I wait on Him, I Am Moving Differently For Christ From Today - Ready to Impact The World!

Khrystus Wallace, President


Humbled to be moving differently and teaching my team how to do so. With a small team of 4 young people, we've been Impacting Our Youth for the last 4 years. (June 2008 - 2012). We were RIDICULED, CHASTIZED, LAMBLASTED, GOSSIPPED ABOUT for our STEP  OF  FAITH and FOR  PREACHING  THE  GOSPEL  by other fellow so-called Gospel Ministers - But We NEVER   STOPPED!

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