Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dozens of Youth to Benefit from FREE HELP through Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Project.

After months of trying to garner government and private support to no avail in order to carry out The PEYDO Project outlined on , Khrystus Wallace, President of Dare 2 Be Different International is single handedly taking on the role to move forward this project with or without support or financial help. The Mission Mobilization PEYDO Project is geared at EMPOWERING  dozens of forsaken youth, and encouraging them to use the skills they have, or get a skill in order to make life. (More information on ) An education is great, but in a slow economy where businesses are rarely hiring, it is the skilled people that will thrive.

Wallace said, “You see, I think governments and private organizations around the world have too much talk and no action. We want the youth properly occupied. We want them to stop pushing drugs and getting guns to survive. We want all sorts of things from them when we are barely doing enough to help them.

I sometimes wonder who is advising these bodies and who is the mouth piece for the young people? I stay looking for the mouth pieces around the world and since I can’t find many, I join the FEW andspeak out, and not just speak out – Someone has to do something. I think I am the Martin Luther King Jr. of the 21st Century. I am fighting for our YOUTH. Dare 2 Be Different International is fighting for a cause.

It is a very dangerous thing to fall into the hands of the powerful youth mind. We are constantly looking for help and support and empowerment. If we don’t get it, WE  WILL  REACT. We are the tomorrow and society only seems to be taking care of the rich and wealthy and do not seem to have our best interest at heart. The worldwide system STINKS and many times it is not fair. It only seems like those who do under the table stuff, get through and we are sending the WRONG message to our youth. Youth must be empowered. Youth must be provided the ready assistance and support that they need. Youth must be let out of their box to make something out of their lives. I got access to ONE business labs training workshop since I've started my business.I had NO guidance. No proper business help. I had to learn the hardway. I really don't want that for our youth. So, when I talk about no one caring, I know what I mean. I'll write about all - ALL my experiences very soon in a book to inspire World Youth.

According to the project outline on, PEYDO aims to assist the worldwide government administrations of the day to divert the focus from wholesale reliance on public employment as their only recourse and to focus instead on self empowerment through business labs techniques.

Wallace hopes that his project would not just be implemented in St. Kitts – Nevis, but has high hopes that other regional and international governments and bodies will hire his consultancy firm – to help implement such worthwhile youth projects.

"Even if they don't hire me, just do something to help the Youth." suggested Wallace.

The training provided through Khrystus Wallace Consulting/Dare 2 Be Different Int’l will outline and highlight strategies to extract the true worth of enterprise growth and empowerment. The acronym PEYDO conveys a double meaning.

On the surface, there is real DOUGH; money to be made from venturing into a new business arena. But each letter spells out the purpose of the overall activity.


It is hoped and envisaged that every participant will be guided through carefully and advance to maximize the current avenues to help them better seek out life’s business opportunities and ventures.

With too much RED TAPE to get a space to use, Wallace plans to use his residence at Boyds – St. Kitts to offer 4 weeks of training at a time to eight participants. He hopes to run this program for around 6 months. Depending on how it goes, it would continue.

Blessed with a creative mind, President Wallace is making this a hands on training program. Participants follow a Business Labs outline but instead of putting together a group business, they will get the chance to run one of his REAL  WORKING  BUSINESSES in groups, under his guidance. Thus society should expect dozens of temporary new faces doing business, as we train and create for them a future.

Participants will work for FREE and run different sub-sections of his business which include Shop and Ship SKN – , The Caribbean Print Shop – , The Internet Grocery –, The Caribbean’s Auction Site – , The CompuDoctors – and his ministry – Dare 2 Be Different International –  and Dare 2 Be Different Internet Radio –

While they work at the sub-sections mentioned above for FREE, they will be fully occupied on planning and establishing their very own enterprises.

At the end of the four weeks, participants would have a basic established business, a proper business plan to approach banks for funding and a free 1 year website to market their product and / or service.

Wallace hopes to approach and literally go on his knees and BEG government to provide his Mission Mobilization Participants with Business Incubator spaces around St. Kitts – Nevis, so after they get started, they can get some further assistance, since the high cost of rent drastically decreases many chances of small businesses to survive.

“We need to give business incubator spaces to the youth in many of those poorly used Community Centres and government owned buildings. Let the young people put them to work.” Postulated Wallace.

With a start date of July, 4th – Wallace’s 26th Birthday in mind, applications can be submitted via email to: When asked about the requirements, Wallace quickly responded, “No – they don’t need 12 CXC High School subjects or a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. All they need is a dream and some ambition about making something out of their life.

Wallace says he hopes that his project draws international attention and financial help for the young people in St. Kitts – Nevis, since he is not getting it locally, as many youth are now holding on to a very thin piece of hope line.

In closing, Wallace said, “I know many people would wonder where I got this sudden inspiration to move forward from. Let me tell you. After my consultancy firm – was contracted to conduct some entrepreneurial sessions with some youth participants, just TODAY, my heart desperately went out to them.

They have the ideas, they have the dream, but they lack the motivation and public and private support that they need. Actually, my heart started burning me, when a young man came up to me after my presentation and shook my hand and said, “Thank you Mr. for all your words of encouragement. I trust they will take them seriously like I will. All I need to get my business off the ground is some support, motivation and guidance like what you gave this morning. THANK YOU. THANK  YOU. Can I come work for you for free?” I was moved indeed. This was a prime example of a youth who has potential, but who would have probably not reached any where if he didn’t get an introduction to our Mission Mobilization Project.

I have no doubt in my mind that our Dare 2 Be Different International’s Mission Mobilization PEYDO Project will help significantly in boosting our slow economy. We’re teaching young people how to fish, how to make their own dollar. We’re restoring their smile and showing them that Hope is Indeed Ahead. We're teaching the world what is really COUNTRY  ABOVE  SELF

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