Monday, June 25, 2012

KVK ENTERPRISES Seeks International Accredited Investors For It's 9th Anniversary - July 2003-2012

KVK ENTERPRISES LTD, a business started by Khrystus Wallace when he was 13 years old in 1999, officially turns 9 years old (according to its legal launch date) on July 8th 2012.

Wallace started his little company as Bicycle repair shop while in High School. He stated that he did this to keep himself occupied and out of trouble while his mother was in the United Kingdom pursuing further education. Wallace ordered a T-shirt transfer kit from Ebay and started printing picture shirts for his community and school friends using the Home Iron.

Upon her return, Khrystus' Mother, Yvette Wallace, realized the ambition of her son and bought him his first printing machine while in high school. Wallace, whose first dream was to become a medical doctor, hasn't given up that idea, but stuck around his homeland to grow his empire.

Thinking outside the box and certainly not like typical youth, Wallace hopes that his business would help him pay his way through medical school as it continues to grow.

Wallace, now 25 years old, has grown his print shop to provide not only Heat Press Prints, but also screen printing, embroidery, banners and signs, promotional and gift items.

KVK ENTERPRISES LTD,, expanded it's portfolio to include a Freight Forwarding department, and also a Computer Training and Repair Shop,

In considering the opportunities that the CSME - Caribbean Single Market Economy would bring and also the possibilities and opportunities of globalization, Wallace launched another department called The Caribbean Print Shop - with an aim to not just take orders from his home land St. Kitts - Nevis, but rather the entire Caribbean too. This has started out well with a bang, with the USVI leading the way with orders.

With an aim of capturing 5% of the Caribbean Print Market share by it's 10th anniversary in 2013 and a further 15% five years after, Wallace is seeking International Accredited Investors who can help make this dream possible.

He commented, "I believe it came a time when many companies that started out as a small at home enterprise like mine had to make a tough choice as whether to go public by selling shares, or partner with investor (s) in order to grow. I definitely know that I can't do it alone and wish the successful accredited angel investor (s) or venture capitalist firms from anywhere around the world best wishes when you contact me. 1 can reach 1000 but 2 can chase 10,000. Together we can. Over the past 3 years, I would have been carefully studying the Caribbean market to see if any current printer or future printer had my ideas of how I planned to capture alot of the market and none of them have don so as yet. So I am ready to build KVK's name around the Caribbean and the world with investor help."

Interested Accredited parties can email Wallace at: or BB PIN: 220067D8

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