Saturday, May 26, 2012

Young People Have the Power - The Start of a Global Youth Revolution

Youth Have The Power To Enact Change!
I don't know where this recent EXTRA passion for our youths has been coming from, but I think I have to run with the flow. We need an entire Worldwide Youth Revolution. One that will cause Governments to listen to our views and put laws in place that help us not forget about us.
We need bankers to know that we have ideas too that need funding and they shouldn't give us a hard time or we'll each take our $10 out, which would affect them and start our own credit unions and banks. We need employers to value our contributions and not treat us like a piece of trash or we'll walk out and start an exact same business like them, grow until we can compete and cause them to close down, because we will be supporting our fellow youth busineses too.
Young people, society doesn't understand that YOUTH have the power in our hands now. We have the power to elect. We have the power to put money in local business or use our access to technology to shop overseas. We have the power to stop using our cell phones, which will hurt any mobile company and start our own cell phone company where each Young person owns at least 1 share for $1. All we have to do is to rally together.
The Youth Revolution Begins and it'll go down in history that it started in the small Caribbean island of St. Kitts. To get it to continue, all we have to do is to talk up, keep politics out of our talks and move forward to get what we want.

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