Monday, May 28, 2012

The Caribbean Auction Site - How the Caribbean Would Conduct Business in the Future

I have always been an Auction Fanatic. I started using EBAY at a very early age when I didn't even have a Credit/Debit Card. I would communicate with the sellers and ask for time to mail a Money Order and they usually allowed that. So, as early as 13 - 14 years, I've been ordering, firstly on Yahoo Auctions and then I moved to EBAY.

I actually started my 2nd business after my Bike Shop, KVK BICHANICS, at 14 years old having ordered some T-shirt Transfer Paper from EBAY so I can print pictures on my friend's shirts using my Mother's Hand Iron. That was cool! See. . . I'm an auction fanatic from a very early age.
I loved the auction world and wondered whether or not I could actually sell on EBAY and make money. I was around 18 years old when I decided to test the selling part of EBAY and it was a SUCCESS. I had partnered with a company to DROPSHIP PlayStation 2s to clients when they ordered from me and it went well.

Within two weeks, I had made about US$10,000 in sales and a little over US$2000 profits. I recognized it worked and I never continued again. I wish I did at times and not get caught up into the brick and mortar businesses I'm involved in today because they do take alot out of me as opposed to online business. But. . .I still thank God for giving me the vision for KVK ENTERPRISES - , The Caribbean Print Shop -  / The CompuDoctors - , Shop and Ship SKN -  and The Supply Shop Inc -

One day I may get to sell them one by one.

Everything happens for a reason. After recognizing that auctions can work, I set out on a quest to create The Caribbean Auction Site. I interviewed other young Auction Site Owners and got tips here and there too. I remember when I was selected by the Youth Department of our Local St. Kitts - Nevis Government to attend a Youth Seminar in Brazil some years back, each time I got a break, I was on a quest to meet another young person who actually had my same idea of an Auction Site.

Interestingly enough, I did meet a duo from New Zealand. They were very young. Both of them had built an Auction Site in their country and sold it after three years for a little over 3 Million New Zealand Dollars and then went to study cash and started a few other businesses.

This inspired me alot. I still chat with them now and again.

When I returned from Brazil, I bought the Auction script, programmed the website and launched it and pulled it. I launched it again and pulled it from the web again for a few years. This time I've lauched it for real at with an aim and determination to market it around the Caribbean and make it the hottest selling spot for new and used items in months to come.

Auctioning in the Caribbean is pretty new to Caribbean Folks. They prefer to just go to an online store and buy immediately, so I know there is alot of marketing that is needed. Therefore, I've listed many products at a set price and will be a foot soldier teaching the concept of bidding around the Caribbean in the months to come.

In a slow global and Caribbean economy, where young people need jobs and businesses are closing left, right and centre, it is my desire, to teach youth and others how they can open a business online and start selling products without the typical overheads of a brick and mortar business.

I also want to show Caribbean businesses that have closed and still have STOCK left, that they can re-open their store - THE  ECOMMERCE  WAY, and sell their products not just to a local market anymore, but to a regional or international market via The Caribbean's Auction Site -

The Caribbean is famous for growing fruits and vegetables. I want to teach farmers and individuals that they can turn their produce into Agro-processed items and can sell their Agro-Processed products on the Caribbean Auction Site - and market them instantly around the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Auction Site - brings a new level of HOPE during a slow economy if it is utilized and utilized well.

I am believing God for Equity Investors or an angel investor because just like EBAY and QUIBIDs etc, I can't do it alone and need the help to take it to the next level.

I'm not giving up though - The Caribbean Auction Site - will defintely be the Caribbean Technological Product to kickstart a slow regional economy and will be one of the best Business Ideas that God has ever given to me.

Little Overheads - Big Profits! I wonder if you're considering investing?
You have the opportunity now to partner as an angel investor.

Khrystus Wallace, Founder & CEO

Email:   BB PIN: 220067D8

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