Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Alot of Fun Just Sitting and Selling Online on My Caribbean Auction Site - . . .Will You Join Me

It's Whit Monday here in St. Kitts-Nevis and Memorial Day across the USA. I don't know if it's a holiday in other countries across the world, but I'm having alot of fun.

I didn't cook and head to the beach or go play cricket or football on the pasture with the youth. No, I'm not preparing a sermon to preach through the Internet Church that I lead - and I'm not planning a ministry event for my active youth Ministry -

I'm certainly not fund raising for our ministry in Kenya either - , although I still wish that you'll pack a box with some items for us.

I'm having fun because as I sit and chat on facebook and myspace and tweet people back and forth, my pages are working for me. You see, I've officially lauched one of my ideas I've been perfecting for years called The Caribbean Auction Site - and selling new and used stuff that I own and also for clients and posting them on my page.

I'm also charging a small fee for small businesses to advertise their services and I keep my fingers crossed that a property listed would sell.

I am also, connecting with wholesalers and retailers all across the world that want me to list their products on my site or are asking permission to do it themselves. It gets more and more exciting when a client contacts me to buy something through the website or through a social network with whom I am affiliated. What get's more exciting is when the product is located in St. Kitts, they pay online and then pull up by my gate to collect the item if it's located at my residence.

I heard of a 22 year old who advertises her Hair Plaiting and Locks Styling services on The Caribbean's Auction Site - . My Auction Site directs them to her simple website, and she is then constantly flooded with calls to do hair for students and adults alike. I told the young ambitious lady this weekend, that we have to begin looking at putting a professional salon in place.

The Caribbean's Auction Site  - is making that happen. Of course I am also happy to boast that she is a product of my Ministry's Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Project - that works with the youth to empower them to get a skill or use the skills they already have to make life. Cheers to TagDownSKN.COM

This is what excites me because this is why I built the site, I wanted to help to empower young people to make a dollar during trying economic times.

I must end here, a client who purchased a product online at The Caribbean's Auction Site - is scheduled to stop by very soon. Although it's a holiday, I don't want the person to catch me so relaxed and without a shirt.

I think I'm kinda getting the hang of just sitting at home and working and not running up and down. So, if I lose the excitement with my brick and mortar businesses, I may just happen to offer them publicly for sale soon. Somebody may just be able to buy The Caribbean Printshop - along with all my screen printing machines and supplies and embroidery machine and mug machine and pen printing machine and heat presses and supplies.

Or. . . someone can buy or or

I'm preparing to stop working so hard, but work smart. That means, instead of wasting precious time on the internet like so many young people do, I'm going to sell 24-7, 365 days a year my Auction Site - , sign up for a few MLM Online Work at Home programmes and then travel the world relaxing and preaching the gospel.

I am not worrying. God is going to send me an angel investor to help boost this Caribbean Auction Site much faster and probably raise the First Caribbean Tech Fortune 500 company from the little St. Kitts in th Caribbean.

I honestly don't want it for me alone, young people, the opportunity is yours to use your Tech-Abilities and make a life for yourself!

Staying Optimistic!

Khrystus Wallace, Founder & CEO
The Caribbean's Auction Site

Email:   BB PIN: 220067D*

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