Sunday, May 27, 2012

We Need To Bring Back The Values of Yesterday

When will we re-introduce the values of yesterday into the world of today? I believe they made a great impact then and can still inspire TODAY.

Nobody seems to care anymore! When will our brothers and sisters learn to live together without envy and strife and hatred amongst themselves again? When will society push up and encourage a promising community male or female instead of trying to throw them in a pit like Joseph's brothers did to him?

Gone are the days when we cared for our neighbours and stopped to give a hug or a smile of compassion to our hurting children.

We live in a generation now where a neighbour could be locked in and dead in the house next to us for days and we never noticed.

We live in the facebook, twitter, blackberry, iphone generation where we stay connected to others and ourselves using technology and forget about the person next to us who is suffering from a heart or asthma attack.

We are so disconnected at times that we walk into electrical poles and drop in holes because we don't look at where we are going. Countries and states have to ticket us to get us off our phones as pedestrians because we are so disconnected from the world - YET  STILL  CONNECTED. Or so we say.

We live in a generation now where we would prefer to support the larger businesses instead of buying from our Church member's new small store that sells the same thing at a competitive price or from the farmer that farms the same produce that we buy from the vegetable rack at the grocery. This is so simply because we feel that would make them richer than us. So we keep them down and don't support them and smile as if we don't know what we are doing.

We live in a generation now where we prefer to throw our extra food to the dogs than take five minutes out of our regular busy schedule to walk around and give it to the homeless.

I never got to live in the generation of yesterday, but from what I've heard, I surely would not have mind at all.

We Need To Bring Back The Values of Yesterday or we'll just help to destroy TODAY much sooner.

Khrystus Wallace
Youth Advocate and Empowerment Speaker

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