Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Minds with Big Ideas usually have Small Capital

. . . I didn't feel too bad at all. I had finally had a chat with someone who seemed to be wearing my shoes. She Had a Big Mind - She Had a Big Idea - But was left betwixt as to whether to just work for someone for the rest of her life or pursue her dream.

Her words, "All of this sounds Ohhh So Good, but it's so hard to get LARGE amounts of funding for Large Projects in the Caribbean."

I smiled and smiled and smiled again. "Why are you smiling?" She Asked? I quietly and snuggishly responded, " I thought I was the only one who thought that way as a Young Ambitious Lad."

We smiled, comforted and encouraged each other to NEVER GIVE UP! We both agreed that there had to be creative ways to raise Capital from a GLOBAL COMMUNITY. We vowed to use the weekend to search and a few days after, we were quite elated as to the options available. We were very puzzled as to why our Caribbean Bankers and Financial Institutions never offer such options.

No wonder Internationally Based Businessses Always Have an Advantage over Many Locally Owned Caribbean Businesses. The Problem: Access to Capital.

My colleague and I noticed one thing - We live in a Global World and nothing Should Stop Us From Pursuing our Dreams. We were not bound and confined to Caribbean Bankers putting a CAP on how much they could lend or picking and choosing who to help.

We'll Keep Searching and Searching and Searching - We VOWED.


* An Angel Investor Too.

* A Merchant Account Funder

* Accounts Receivables Financer

* A Hardmoney Loan Consultant

* An underwriter who will do much of the hard work to get us funded

* Investors who will be happy to Buy Shares or Bargain Equity or Debt Financing through USA approved REGULATION A or D Funding that was keenly designed and passed into US Law to help small businesses.

* Businesses who will approve us for Credit Accounts

* Assigned Finance Specialists who will give Help, Advice and Guidance from Our Financers and not leave us in the dark to figure it out all by ourselves.

We know that in the process of climbing to the top of the mountain, we'll meet obstacles, we'll meet naysayers, many will turn us down, we'll get embarrassed, our reputation may be challenged, some will stop believing in our dreams, family may see us as crazy - BUT - I  - We - Won't Stop Pushing until we get the funding we need, until we reach the top - until we prove to the world and investors - that Pushing and Trying and Never Giving Up is always worth it in the long run.

The Internet is a Powerful Tool - And We Will Use it To Succeed!

Are Your Interested In Funding our Ideas/Projects? Do You Want to Partner As An Angel Investor? Do you work for a Financing Firm that You Think Can Help?

We'll be happy to send you our Business Plan / Sample Executive Summary or PPM.

Or Probably - You Just Want to Invest Otherwise - We'll be happy to discuss further!

With Hopes Up - We'll Make It - So Can You!

Never Give Up On Your Dream. Even When It Seems Like You'll Never Make It Up Out of the Valley ALIVE. It's during those times, God begins preparing you for the Mountain Top!

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