Thursday, December 20, 2012

Khrystus Wallace Consulting - HIRED

Reputable organizations around the world are recognizing the multiple skills and talents of 26 year old Khrystus Wallace who started his first business at age 13 and has grown it into His clientele is growing from not just the common man, but to big organizations.

One such is The St. Kitts - Nevis Labour Party who hired to assist with its Public Relations and provide consulting help and 21st century ideas, especially with regards to empowering youth.

Mr. Wallace of Khrystus Wallace Consulting - happens to be in a very unique situation. He is a Christian with wisdom straight from God himself, he leads the way with up to date amazing ideas in every field, he is a spokeman and popular radio and tv host, he owns his own printing companies that imprints t-shirts, polos, banners, signs, promotional items etc, he is a graphics designer and website designer and a well sort after motivational speaker and his marketing skills and social media skills are beyond amazing as seen on his facebook page and several other pages.

Wallace founded his own ministry when he was 21 years old - Dare 2 Be Different International - and it is now in St. Vincent & The Grenadines -,  Ghana -, Kenya - and applications are in to establish it in different areas across the world has Youths and all are catching the vision of this young man.

Wallace commented with a smile, "Khrystus Wallace Consulting is your one stop shop. We can serve the world. Technology allows us to do it right from St. Kitts once you feed us the information, or you can pay for our team to come to your country, assess the situation with regards to your Political Party, Religious Organization, Business etc and present a marketing campaign that would definitely work."

The fact that Dr. Denzil Douglas, Prime Minister of St. Kitts - Nevis sees the worth and power of this young man, speaks volume that his organization really does have the capacity. Less than 12 hours after meeting with the Prime Minister, Wallace quickly presented him with a new campaign idea website showing that his party works for all - See it at: .

When asked about his involvement in Politics being an ordained minister, The 26 year old bachelor said said, " Am I really involved? Or is it that my Consulting Firm was hired to do a job? Marketing is my job. Should I stop marketing and reject jobs because I am a Christian? That means other pastors and ministers who are doing other things should stop too. This is how I make a living to support myself, family and ministry. Actually - for the 4 years I've been around with Dare 2 Be Different, I barely got support and no local church or organization ever extended a helping hand seeing all the work we were doing with youths. I had to do everything to raise capital and go to my pocket 75% of the time. Once you will pay me to stop working, I don't mind stopping, but as long as I get a job and it's not beyond my conviction - I'm going to do it and I don't care what others think. God gave me a talent and I'm going to use it!"

To Contact or Book Khrystus Wallace Consulting for advice, marketing and motivational speeches, crusades or workshops, Email:   or BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3

See many of his speeches and sermons on YouTube

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