Monday, December 17, 2012

Print All You Want In 2013 - Buffet Style for a low price - Only 5 People or Companies Get This OFFER - ACT NOW!

Greetings Friend,
The business I founded when I was 13 years old, KVK  ENTERPRISES LTD - is turning 10 in 2013 and the Ministry I founded at 21 - Dare 2 Be Different International is turning 5 in 2013.
We are growing all around the World. We now serve and print for the the Caribbean through,  The USA through, St. Vincent and The Grenadines through -, Ghana  through,  Kenya through  and we're opening in Florida, New York, Nevis, Antigua, Germany, The Philippines and other countries soon.
If you haven't been following us, we've started the Celebration already - Our Christmas Party this year for youths was AWESOME and all parents and guardians were AMAZED when we said that once they registered and paid their $25 or $50 for their child to attend, they get FREE COMPUTER  CLASSES and Homework Help  at  all throughout 2013.
So many parents have been contacting me after to ask for the same deal regretting that they didn't register but that's past now and we are not offering this deal.
We want to offer 5 companies around the world ONLY - the ability to PRINT  ALL  THEY  LIKE  FOR a donation of $2013 to Dare 2 Be Different International during 2013.
* We'll screen print or embroider what ever for you once you provide the shirts  (an unlimited VALUE)
* We'll print up to 10 banners for you ($5000 value)
* We'll print stickers, labels,
* We'll print up to 500 pens  or pencils for you
* Once you provide the type of mugs, we'll apply the print for you
* Provide the keychains and we'll apply the prints
Once its in PRINTING and WE can do it - It's BUFFET  STYLE - - - -We'll print it for you. Act now!
Call me for details: 869-663-0114
Get in fast - Pay via Paypal Email:  or using your credit / debit card around the world at:, or
Company Checks / Wires acceptable too - Email: to request wire information.
Remember - The 1st 5 get In - the others lose out like so many children after this year's Christmas Party!
Khrystus Wallace, CEO

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