Friday, December 7, 2012

Will Your Child Be At Brother Khrystus' Dare To Be Different Christmas Party 2012?


Friend, after our first party in December 2008, we stopped advertising. After a parent contacted us this year and asked about our yearly party, she said that she didn't think it was fair only let some know and not others when Dare 2 Be Different has such a massive St. Kitts - Nevis following.

She said that our following should not just receive somethings and not others and demanded that every knows about ALL events. I tried to tell her to follow us on FACEBOOK and she had a point, everyone isn't into facebook. So I got her verdict LOUD  and CLEAR. You'll know about ALL our EVENTS from now on.

As President, please accept my apologies and I promise to let you know of ALL events moving forward and just prepare to cater for bigger numbers each time.  (But note - we're an active YOUTH  MINISTRY - so we ALWAYS have something going on to help keep youths occupied 7 days a week - just ask. We can't advertise everything until we build our Multi-Million Dollar Mission Centre)

SORRY  AGAIN. . . . .SO. . . .HERE  GOES!!!!!

Will Your Child Be At Khrystus' Dare To Be Different Christmas Party 2012? Every Year It Just Seems To Get Better and Better and more fun indeed.

Venue:           Dare 2 Be Different Club House - Boyds - St. Kitts

Contact:         869-664-0911 / BB PIN: 220067D8 / Email:

Date:              15th December, 2012

Time:              1pm Until. . . .    (FROM  AGE  4 - Don't worry we have plenty of adult help and plus 20 Year Child Veteran Specialist - Mrs. Yvette Wallace on hand with activities for the children)

Activities:        Bouncing Castles, Computer Games, Nintendoes, Sack Races, Pictures With Cartoon Characters, Fun With Santa, Videos, Karaoke, Pony Rides, Pinatas, Obstacle Races, Prizes and Much, Much More with ALOTTA - ALOTTA SNACKS AND FOOD AND DRINKS.

Children NEVER WANT TO LEAVE - Each year they cry and cry and cry to not leave. We just know how to keep youths happy

Cost:              EC$25 to attend and not receive a gift  or $50 and receive a gift

Payment Methods: 
Online using debit / credit card on  or
Send To Paypal Email: or
Make Payment at Boyds Office

We've been hosting this MEGA  PARTY  SINCE  WE  WERE  FOUNDED IN 2008 - This year is our 5th Party

See 1% of our Pictures from two previous parties

Brother Khrystus having fun with Children after Sunshine Corner on Sundays in 2012

                           Don't Say We Didn't Tell You!

We Enjoy Leading The Way in planning and executing the most creative, innovative, fun, down to earth events as a Gospel Organization around the Caribbean. Finally - there's a group that has added LIFE to MINISTRY.

We know how to present CHRIST  to  CHILDREN  by doing what Jesus would have done - A  WHOLE  LOT  OF  GOOD!

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