Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Early Christmas Gift: Khrystus Wallace Rated 2nd Top Motivational Speaker in Miramar - Florida

Khrystus Wallace, who is a member of Thumstack.com, a business that researches and recommends Service Providers in particular areas has been rated as the 2nd Top Speaker in the Miramar - Florida - USA area.

His other ratings are:

2nd Most Reviewed Motivational Speaker
2nd Most Vetted Motivational Speaker
3rd Most Affordable Motivational Speaker
3rd Most Popular Motivational Speaker

See  http://www.thumbtack.com/listing?state=fl&city=miramar&category=motivational-speaker

Wallace registered this particular speaking service under his Supply Shop Inc Business in Florida in 2010 when he started it. It took 2 years of continuous writings, videos, inspirational pieces, constant social media updates before rising to that level.

Khrystus commented, "This is an early God Sent Christmas Gift For Me! If I don't receive anything else, this rating covers it all as I plan to go all out and global from 2013 with my Dare To Be Different Motivational Programs, Speeches, Youth and Adult Events and Global Crusades too. 2013 is a big year for me personally and for us as a ministry because we turn 5. We plan to celebrate it from 1st January, 2013 - December, 31st 2013 and many of our team members will get to travel the Caribbean and The World with us to do ministry, crusades, and help me host empowerment and training sessions etc. We are most excited and have no doubt in our minds that God will provide."

The public endorsement online lists www.hopeisahead.com and www.d2bdifferent.com and The Caribbean's Auction Site - www.caribbesales.com among Wallace's Most Inspirational Websites.

The website features Wallace's July 2012 Featured Graduation Address at The Beach Allen Primary School - St. Kitts titled: Choice Not Chance Determines Your Destiny.  It links back to Wallace's YouTube TV with other motivational addresses, Sermons, Dramas etc.

Thumstack.com also follows and monitors all of its clients Social Media Accounts to see their updates and contributions to society before it publicly recognizes them or rates them.

Wallace is also DOJ Smart Search verified. This means he has passed all of the below tests and scrutiny.

  • Professional License

    We verify service pro's license with the state's licensing authority's database if he/she provides that information to Thumbtack.
  • DOJ Smart Screen

    We check to ensure each service provider is not a sexual offender using the Department of Justice's comprehensive, nationwide registry.
  • National Criminal Check

    We screen service pros through Acxiom Information Security Services' national criminal database of more than 600 million criminal record files if the service pro requests a background check.
  • Thumbtack Review

    We carefully review each service profile to ensure that it meets our community standards.
  • Identity Verification

    We verify the following identity details when they are provided by service pros:
    Phone number
    Social security number
    Physical address
    Social media accounts
  • Community verification

    Thumbtack asks former clients to evaluate a service professionals quality of work, timeliness and professionalism.

Wallace concluded by saying, "I believe one of the keys to becoming a great speaker is to be as open about one's personal life as possible. It helps people to relate to you, see you as a real person with challenges and struggles too and not some big perfect SUPERSTAR.  It is also nice to have gone through a challenge, or challenges and show how you overcame or are overcoming. So, like Job, Like Daniel, Like Peter, Like Paul, Like Joseph, God has allowed me to pass through many challenges in my life as preparation for a great future speaking Career. The Greatest Speakers always have a personal story. 

Wallace particularly likes sharing about being taken before a church board and ridiculed for accepting many invitations to preach and spread the gospel and having to resign from Children's Director at age 21 at a former church and start Dare 2 Be Different International - www.daretobedifferentskn.com, a ministry that has grown to impact the world in 4 short years using the technology. He said he is MOST  GRATEFUL for this happening, because had he not been ridiculed, he would have just probably been a regular church goer impacting a few individuals. Wallace publicly thanked those involved for their promotion assistance and helping him with a testimony by their actions."

Wallace is available to speak for gospel, business and other events as well as youth rallies, revivals, crusades etc around the GLOBE. He is superb in Conducting His Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Business Labs Workshops. www.mmskn.org. Unlike regular business labs workshops, Wallace ensures that each participant leaves with a workable idea that is ready to implement, a WEBSITE, A FEW PRINTED SHIRTS, BUSINESS CARDS and FREE MARKETING CAPABILITIES via his ministry.

As a youth advocate, he is passionate about taking this program around the world, along with many other of his Dare 2 Be Different Ministry Projects, and is always willing to accept invitations especially to conduct this type of Business Empowerment Workshop.

Khrystus 'NEVER  GIVE  UP" Wallace's story of starting his first business selling gooseberries in Primary School to charging 50 cents to air a bicycle wheel to ordering a pack of 12 heat press papers on EBAY.COM and printing for his friends at age 13 and growing his business into www.khrystuswallace.com by age 26 is always a lot of inspiration to his audiences and he usually leaves each speaking session with new clients who draw close to him wanting more after session empowerment and a closer relationship.

Quite different to most speakers, after speaking events or during the day while invited to preach overseas crusades, he is available and willing to help write business plans, teach online marketing, business skills, share ideas, teach website design, graphics design, screen printing, embroidery, heat press, banners and signs, trophies and awards, promotional item printing, help individuals, church members, pastors, ministers publish their books and cds Online, sell and market them online, teach businesses and ministries how to effectively use the internet to boost their organization, where to shop online for deals, equipment etc  and so much more that he knows. Wallace is always willing to use his 9 years of customer discounts and relationships to help new businesses get started when he is invited around the globe.

Wallace said that the Federation individuals and organizations had 26 years to use him and only a few tapped in for help while so many others stayed away from God-Sent Help.. He said he considers those that came as ministry partners and will continue to help them because they jumped on board as partners. He will only be conducting his ministry empowerment events and taking overseas invitations as he believes that it is now time to help his current outside ministries, establish more ministries and empower other global followers who haven't had access to him.

Youth artistes, preachers and ministry folks form around the world are registering with Dare 2 Be Different International to be their manager, event planner, promoter. This new partnership will allow them opportunities to travel with Wallace around the world to minister and market their talents. As partners, Dare 2 Be Different International gives each artiste a free webpage, plans global concerts for them, sends them across its global ministries to minister at concerts, plans open airs, youth crusades for its youth preachers that are usually kept back in different countries, helps each youth artiste bring out their own line of clothes and memorabilia which include keyrings, mugs, pens, mousepads, etc and shows them how they can actually make a living from their talents

Youth artistes from Florida, New York, The Bahamas and St. Kitts have already taken on this offer.

Truly, booking Khrystus Wallace to travel to your island around the world, would not be a waste. You would definitely get more than a motivational speech, you'll get a package that Universities would charge you thousands in Tuition from The Multi-Talented Man of God that was lent to earth for such a time as this.

Email: information@daretobedifferentskn.com to book Khrystus Wallace and/or his Dare 2 Be Different Team.

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