Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy 29th Independence. Today marks my 1 year WRITING Anniversary too. Testimony Inside

On behalf of Dare 2 Be Different (SKN), Kenya, Ghana, (Pakistan, Indonesia & India  – Applications to be approved) and Pastor Kelvin Jones and The Members of The Mount Carmel Baptist Church, our board of directors would like to wish The Citizens of The Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis – Happy 29th Independence.

Were you among those that read my first Hope Devotional on 19th September, 2011? See it here:

Today, 19th September, 2012, I also celebrate 1 year of getting instructions from God to start a devotional blog and write on to encourage the world. Thank you for following Dare 2 Be Different International and for not only reading but forwarding our emails and sharing our links on dozens of other social websites around the globe. Thank you for clicking the translate button just to be able to access our Hope Devotionals in any of the 50+ languagues it is available in.

Over the last 12 months of writing, I have made some very CLOSE  WORLDWIDE  FRIENDS through my Blackberry PIN: 220067D8 and my emails have brought me face to face, on the phone, Blackberry messaging with dozens and dozens of clients that needed encouragement and empowerment and assurance.

My ministry has slowly been increasing Caribbean Orders into and amazingly enough we do export printed products to the USA when they come in  through - . Although not LARGE, I believe they will become larger in time. I have to start preparing for that too. The other day, because of our Hope Devotionals, I got the opportunity to get a 2 year contract to start printing 6000 shirts per semester for a University. I wasn't ready to sign off on something like that yet, but I am now apart of a network so that I can apply for those types of jobs anytime. I wouldn't begin to tell you of the doors God has opened for my future. Right now I just stand looking ahead.

It is a truism that we MUST seek the kingdom of God FIRST and everything else will be added after.

My service to God over the last year has taught me what MINISTRY really should be. IMPACTING  AND  EMPOWERING  PEOPLE too. Not just preaching and praying and looking forward to collecting offerings and tithes.

Thank you for visiting not only my ministry websites, but also my business websites. So whether you are my friend or enemy, technology has allowed you to contribute towards our fundraising efforts just by visiting any of our many websites that we’ve built ourselves at NO  COST to us. THANK  YOU  SO  MUCH  FOR  AUTOMATICALLY  GIVING  A  FEW  CENTS. It all adds up! Thanks again!

For those of you who have given and continue to give items towards our mission in Kenya – – THANK  YOU!

For those who, in your  little way continued to give items like Koolaid, Sugar, Chicken, Burger/Hotdog Relish, Ketchup, Mayonaise, Fries, Cakes, Bread Pudding, Lettuce, Sunquicks, Flour, Oil etc  - Your contributions have gone a long way to impacting the dozens of youth that we minister to.

To the gentleman from St. Peters, we say THANK YOU. You were the first person to ever give into our ministry. We remember your words so well back in 2008 when you gave us a check. You said, “Young man, my wife and I are so blessed by your ministry and how you used technology to carry the service via Radio Paradise, Live on your website and link it with other websites so the world could hear. We couldn’t attend because of failing health, but the songs, the preached word and testimonies made us feel like we were there every night. DO  NOT  STOP!

Thank you sir. God has multiplied your seed tremendously over four years to keep us going.

To Mr. Runnel Freeman – the only person – A  YOUTH  INDEED from the Federation of St. Kitts – Nevis to give a seed online at one of websites – THANK  YOU. You have gone down in Dare 2 B Different History and we are happy that you approached us about Establishing Dare 2 Be Different (NEVIS).

If you are a reader from across the world and looking for a YOUNG  MAN  to bless because he trusted the work God is doing in a Small Youth Ministry – Bless Mr. Freeman. I can give you ALL his contact details. Send him to college for free! Help Him Build His Home While He’s Young! You can also send a car for him! We BLESS  GOD FOR  HIM and a building on our Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre Compound when it is built, where ever God provides the way to erect it, will be named The Runnel Freeman Complex in his honour as he sowed EC$20.12 into our 2012 drive.

We have already consented to help him establish his own business in NEVIS for Free called – The Deal Shop, so if you can, please feel free, global ministry followers to help him stock his store without using a PENNY from his POCKET.

It has been a tough year indeed. God cut me down to teach me a lesson. For over 9 years I was giving all the attention and marketing my business and talents all around the world and not using any of my talents in ministry other than preaching and having a sitting website at:

So, he sent me through a JONAH – JOB experience over the past year to punish me, teach me a lesson and then finally bring me forth as GOLD. The last several months, have been the most trying of my life, but God allowed me to go through them to learn a lot before increasing my borders and expanding my territories. (You’ll Hear about Sept 19th 2011 – Sept 19th 2012 when I write that  book – It will truly be a testimony to encourage you – TRUST  ME)

Over the last year, we have not only reached much of the world via, but we’ve built several other ministering websites and instituted and continued with programs to impact our youth especially. Our Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Project - has not only taught youth and mature individuals skills, but we have helped them with writing business plans, getting funding, building free websites and marketing them, especially on our Caribbean Auction Site -  This is the Highlight Youth Business Project in the Federation that has been helping, but staying in the closet due to lack of funding. We HELP as many Youth and Mature individuals through Dare 2 Be Different as we can. I personally give them the business counselling, training and advice that I NEVER got from any financial institution. I teach them quickbooks, how to start small and market for less and I advertise for them for FREE and creatively get to tell them about Jesus in the process.

Exactly 1 year today, at 26 years of age, I can safely say that I have reached my goal to complete 7 books, 46 audio books and my first music album in 365 days. God gave me a creative idea to generate my own working capital to run my ministry and business and not be stressed anymore. So my goal is now to market hard and let these work for me. They will be available on Amazon, For Download on the Kindle and also you’ll be able to get an autographed copy of 1 or all 7 in St. Kitts-Nevis from me.

All these would be available for our ministry’s global following to purchase as souvenirs and Christmas gifts from November 2012.

My trying year was just to push me to give MUCH  MORE  ATTENTION to God’s work, so that He could use me to do ministry and equip and prepare methods of raising my own WORKING  CAPITAL to support my ministry and business ideas.

Although I didn’t launch my 1st Music Album in St. Kitts – Nevis, its songs have been a hit in many other countries according to responses. Thank you for not only listening the clips, but thank you for buying the songs and also buying the ringtones and merchandise at: and The Dare 2 Be Different E-Store –

Thank you for visiting our store and buying T-shirts, Ringer Tees, Mugs, Ipad Cases printed with our Dare 2 Be Different Logo.

Listen my Hope is Ahead Song and Buy it at:
My Hope is Ahead Sermonette / Music  / Dramatic Presentation has been ministering and encouraging dozens of folks to hold on: Watch it at:

I must say heartfelt thanks to The Pastor and Members of The Mount Carmel Baptist Church for Partnering and endorsing the ministry of Dare 2 Be Different International as we join TOGETHER to help impact the world.

If both ministries have been doing so much alone, imagine what Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones, a 52 year old ministry veteran and a dynamic membership would do with the world as they grasp hands with our ministry to BUILD  THE  KINGDOM  OF  GOD.

Have you seen the blog that our Dare 2 Be Different Technology Department has started working on For The Mount Carmel Baptist Church? See it At:  . This is where you would definitely go keep up to date with the happenings at Mount Carmel Baptist in St. Ktits  or simply like their facebook page which would be up in the next three days.

Imagine – 1 year of dedicated service to God writing devotionals has also produced several guidance and empowerment websites.

Brother Dwight Michael Berridge launched the Dare 2 Be Different Internet Radio – and Internet TV – on Monday, 17th September, 2012. Our internet TV will be a 24-7 Network carrying strictly Caribbean Programming and ministries of Global Victory Centres, Dare 2 Be Differents and The Mount Carmel Baptist Church.

I must rest now after a year of writing and now put more work into establishing The First Victory Centre – (BRICK & MORTAR) in St. Kitts and the other Dare 2 Be Different Youth Groups and Victory Centre Churches around the world.

I must get agressive with selling my books, cds, dvds, and other ministry material so members from my Dare 2 Be Different Team and The Mount Carmel Baptist Church can travel with me when I'm preaching overseas or on mission trips at our global branches. I also have to ensure that we have cash for our Annual Summer Camp and promote our 2013 cruise and our mega youth events and concerts. See

I must also prepare my travel itinerary with the invitations I’ve received to preach and conduct Technology Sessions during the last 12 months because I know many ministries are depending on me.

I believe that you would still be able to get fresh HOPE  DEVOTIONALS – but in Spanish and French as Brother Berridge, our Foreign Language Director works with me to translate and build our Spanish and French Dare 2 Be Different Websites to now impact Spanish and French speaking territories.

We Did All This in 1 Year! Thank You For Following Us!

Our Current Ministering Websites

Dare 2 Be Different    

Hope is Ahead             -  (Translated into over 50 languages)

The Victory Centre      - 

Our Internet Radio       - 

Our Internet TV          - 

Dare 2 Be Different Kenya -

Khrystus Wallace for Prime Minister –  (Youth Empowerment Website)

Love Should Last         - 

Ask Brother Khrystus  -

The Global Spotlight    - 

DaringDifferently        -  (Our Online Magazine - Under Repair)

Dare 2 Be Different License - 

Dare 2 Be Different Academy & Bible Institute -

Our Victory Centre Vision and Fund Raising Website 

Follow Our Ministry Face Book Page

Don't Give Up - View This Video Presentation -


Did you ever meet my team? The 21st Century Disciples that Will be Impacting Our World

Khrystus Wallace         -President                                                         

Jefferson Wallace        - Director of the Virtual Health Education Unit
Yvette Wallace            - Director of Education Division
Lemercius Wallace      -  Technical Director and Music Minister
Kerese Dias                 - Dance Director / Financial Comptroller
Joy Codrington             -  Drama Director
Dwight Berridge           - Director of Foreign Language Division / Media Director
Patricia Sampson         -  Prayer and Intercessory Director
Tracy Chapman           -  Senior Event Planner
Miel Wilkin                  -  Open Assistant to a Director
Sherma Hanley            -  Open Assistant to a Director / Secretary          
Nikke Greene              -  Director General in charge of Global Ministries

God is doing a great thing! Did you know that every country that we open a Dare 2 Be Different International or a Victory Centre, we’ll be opening a KVK  ENTERPRISES  PRINTING  FRANCHISE that would support the board members in that country and bring back foreign capital into the Federation of St. Kitts – Nevis from Franchise Fees?

We have soooooooooooo much more planned! Looking through our VISION  PLAN, the report above just holds 1% - 2% of our documented ideas for the globe.

Do Expect that a Dare 2 Be Different International and Mount Carmel Baptist Church  Partnership will definitely be impacting the WORLD!

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