Friday, September 14, 2012

KVK's & Dare 2 Be Different's To Open All Over The Globe

Don't look at my NOW - IMAGINE my FUTURE. When I look back a few years from now, I hope you'll be among the batch that stuck with me through thick and thin. Offered to help at KVK or Dare 2 Be Different without extending your hand everytime. Had patience, defended me, didn't backbite, offered solutions and advice instead of hating me. Invested whether $1 or Your Time.

Those will be the ones that I have to undoubtedly look after FIRST - them and their children and grandchildren. (Did you know that every country where we open a Dare 2 Be Different International -, The Board members will get the privilege of opening a KVK ENTERPRISES - in their country ?) We already officially approved Dare 2 Be DIfferent's in 2 parts if Kenya, 1 in Indonesia, 1 in Ghana, 1 in Nevis)

We're now working on their Dare 2 Be Different Websites and structuring the KVK FRANCHISES - See 1 of Kenya's Websites - I really wish you didn't become my enemy when all I had in my heart was compassion for you. I'm human. I make mistakes. While I wish every business transaction to go perfectly, sometimes things will happen. Let me say here - I'm Sorry.

Like David, I will fall at times, but with  God's grace I will rise again. I am prepared to suffer criticism and victimization and embarrassment and shame like Daniel and Paul and The Three Hebrew Boys and Joseph, knowing that NO  GOOD  THING  will God withhold from . . . .

Did you ever notice that it's usually pain before the gain? Rain before the Sunshine? That's how life is.

Did you know that every Dare 2 Be Different Board Member will have a part time or full time business to support their family? We believe that ministries should look after those that serve and they will be even more encouraged to do more work in the KINGDOM.

The PASTOR ALONE should never benefit - Kingdom Building is  TEAMWORK - not a one man - one woman benefiting thing. Jesus was never known as Pastor Jesus or Bishop Jesus or Apostle Jesus....he was JESUS of NAZARETH only......just call me Khrystus of St. Kitts too.

My aim is to beThe World's Next Biggest Difference Maker. With that comes the pressure and the suffering and criticism. But I'm fighting for a cause starting form the small 68 square miles country of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. I am fighting for betterment for our youth and HOPE  FOR  ALL.

No member left behind. Help establish a Dare 2 Be Different or Victory Centre -  in your contry or on your the first. Let's climb up the ladder TOGETHER and kill the crab in a barrel mentality.

I wonder if you'll be one of the first getting funding from Dare 2 Be Different Financial - a subsection of our Ministry that will be birth in the future to help Youth Entrepreneurs who do not have any financial backing or financial reputation or co-signer to help them. Youth business owners who are apart of our Mission Mobilization Project - and would recieve unsecured funding, but proper and constant guidance and mentorship and financial help to take them to the next level. I know all about that, Bankers were never there to mentor or guide me to help me avoid certain mistakes. I had to learn the hard way and NO  YOUTH  AROUND  THE  WORLD  under our Mission Mobilization Project will be without help. HELP and GUIDANCE and MENTORSHIP + JESUS equals SUCCESS

Interested in Investing: Email:   Black Berry Pin: 220076D8

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