Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Media Is Partially Responsible For The Non Recovery / Recession (Inspired to Write this after watching ALI VELSHI CNN YOUR MONEY SHOW)

I sat to eat the sumptuous Sunday Lunch that my mother prepared for me today, and decided to turn on the television to CNN.

When I did, there was Ali Velshi starting his YOUR  MONEY show and the topic was STORM WARNING. He went on to suggest that the US ECONOMY may be heading to into another recession and was commenting on GDP and how slow the recovery was happening.

He also commented that he certainly won't be afraid to talk out. This has caused me to question whether the MEDIA in general is partially responsible for the slow GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY. I won't make this article too long, I just wanted to get your thoughts.

You see, if we tell people a HURRICANE or TORNADO is coming, people usually prepare - RIGHT?

So too, if we tell people that things are not getting better, they will hold on to the little they have or the lot they have and not spend. Are you catching where I'm coming from?

That means, with ALI's comments and others, I expect sales at my business to be down more this week, since a STORM  IS  COMING. or IS  IT?

So if ALI and the others keep frightening the world, I doubt we'll ever be out of a recession, even if WE'RE  HONESTLY out for real.

I wonder what Howard Kurtz from CNNs Reliable Sources would say on this one. I like him, he isn't afraid to tackle even his CNN TEAM.

So. . . .Thanks to ALI and the other media reps. I guess my printing machines won't be seeing too many shirts, and banners and signs right now and my websites and would barely see orders since the world is being scared to death.

Khrystus Wallace, Writer, Speaker, Youth Advocate

St. Kitts, West Indies

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