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Local Radio / TV Marketing Keeps You In A Box - The Internet Is The Way To Go

Approximately 2 years ago,  I pulled all my radio and television advertisements from local stations and decided to use the internet to create awareness about my company and ministry doings ( . This turned out to be a tremendous success and I have never regret that I started.

You see, when I advertised locally in St. Kitts - Nevis, I got a significant piece of the printing market share indeed. What happened though, it was expensive - very expensive and limited me to a 45 second advertisement played 4 times a day and in the case of a television advert, 45 seconds played about 3 - 4 times too.

God has blessed me with natural writing skills, so I can do my own press releases, write on my own blogs, keep constant feeds going on social media sites etc. He has blessed me with the ability to create my own websites and connected me with a Company that allows me to build my own sites and sell domains quite easily. That's the plus!

This has taken the significant $$$ that I used to spend on advertising for just a couple seconds per day to 365 days a year 24/7 for a FRACTION  OF  THE  COST. I no longer have to advertise one thing at a time, but I let the world know about the many things that I do through my websites

(Shhhhhh - They didn't want me to tell you this) - You can really get the the word out about your business using the TECHNOLOGY if you know how to do it well or if you hire .

Search "KVK ENTERPRISES" or "Khrystus Wallace" or "Hope is Ahead" or "Dare 2 Be Different International" + many other short phrases, you'll see we're all over the web. Can people find you there?

When you search my name, you'll see that you can buy any of my books titled "God's Prescription For Positive Living I and II" can help you market your business where ever you are around the world. The world is my market - it can be yours too.

We are not just a techno-marketing firm, we print many other promotional items ourselves. From t-shirts, banners, signs, keyrings and more. We're your ONE-STOP MARKETING SHOP and we are able to help you penetrate local, regional and international markets.

I make no bones about it, but I use FACEBOOK as a marketing tool instead of just liming on it like so many others.

Why don't you add me as a FB friend and follow me:  or follow my ministry at:

Through my Caribbean Auction Site -, I stay advertising 24-7 and persons also ask me to adveritise things they have for sale too on the same website. (Check out that site, you may be able to buy a St. Kitts - Nevis property or some land there) You can also let me advertise your product or service there too. Even if it's from China or India or Turkey - We can let the Caribbean know where to get better prices.

There is a way for small businesses to survive this worldwide recession. They must stop depending on their local market, but look regionally and internationally too. The Internet allows ACCESS. We can help out those who don't know how to use it to reach the world -

You can hire me on contract to for your firm to increase your visibility or I can be your background ongoing marketing firm. Just ask -

I don't fully depend on local St. Kitts - Nevis orders any more. When I get them, I appreciate it, but over the last 30 days, I have hand printing orders coming in other Caribbean countries through and USA orders through

This works! Can you imagine that some tourists traveling to St. Kitts and wanting some shirts and souvenirs, found me on one of my websites, emailed me for a quotation for 80 screen printed t-shirts, paid online and when their jet landed, I delivered them to their hotel room?

What convenience? A business place in another Caribbean island needed some shirts rushed over the weekend, the manager sent an email to:, I responded that we can help, printed all weekend and his shirts left St. Kitts - Nevis on Liat - The Caribbean Airline on the 8am flight.

Technology makes that happen and we can get you noticed over time with consistency. It just didn't happen OVER NIGHT for those that are wondering. It takes consistency. So, if you plan to use our services at and think the world will notice you in a week, don't contact us. But, if you are willing to wait, pay the required charges consistently / one time, and bear with us, you'll definitely see results.

You see, we did all the hard work over the years already. We've built a solid network from all across the globe. In my Blackberry, I have business associates with different products and services waiting to contact you. Imagine That!

I know where to shop for items wholesale. I know so much. It took me years and years, but no one can take this knowledge away from me. God has given it to me, so you can contact me for help.

Interestingly enough, many companies around the world have sent me product listings and information about their services because they want me to advertise them for them having found me on

Business Funders have asked me to send anyone in need of business funding to them that pass through my consultancy firm. (I am working on Caribbean Business Funders - They Are Coming) Caribbean Bankers Rates will go down and Small and Large Business Owners will have easier and more alternative ways to access capital for their businesses.

And do you know - years ago, I didn't know much about doing all this on the internet, but I got an opportunity to build my first website - through a do it yourself programme on and that changed my life forever.

I won't begin to talk about many of the domains that I own and advertise on, but what I will tell you is that you are losing when you do not use the internet to advertise.

Do you know that companies around the world have noticed how hyped I keep my personal Facebook Page and all my Business FaceBook Pages and are offering to pay me on a per hour basis to keep theirs hyped too?

Well. . . This is another way that will prevent me from working so hard in a typical brick and mortar business, so I'm taking the jobs to hype your pages too. . . .Simply email me for consultancy help and pricing: and we'll cause your product / service line to take flight with our options.

How can I not tell you about my mother. She was the one who told me to just get a good education and then I can be anything I wanted to be. My first dream was / is to become a medical doctor. (I haven't given up on that you know - I'm young - anything is POSSIBLE to those that BELIEVE.)

Even though my mom, Mrs. Yvette Wallace saw me venture into business, she never bashed me, but supported me every step of the way.

Mommy doesn't prefer any publicity at all, but I must give it to her anyway and publicly tell her thanks.

I market her services to the world too. Can I tell you that the other day I shipped ironing board covers that she made to Illonois after listing and selling them on EBAY? Is it ok to tell you that my mom decorates dolls and sells locally and I ship them too? Some of her dolls appear on display tables at universities and in offices and on wall units at homes. (Order yours today - just contact me:

Is it ok to tell you that my mom is a great maker of agroprocessed items and she makes and ships coconut fudges, sugar cakes etc overseas to friends and clients. I want to build a CANDY WEBSITE for her and blast it off to my network so you can buy, but she's holding me back....So I'm being obedient. But if you need something, just contact me. (Don't tell mommy I did this - PLZZZZ)

I built a little website for her at: because she loves sewing and I don't want her to just sit there playing around when she can stay occupied mending your clothes, making table mats and crafted items. I think I'm going to try and get her a job ONLINE to teach at an Online University, because, although retired, she's still young and to just relax now, would be wasting her Masters Degree in International Education Management. So. . . to my network, if you want the woman who raised me, to also have an impact on the lives of your students - send me an email and I'll probably persuade her to teach some classes at your institution. Email:

And if you don't need her, I'm already working on building an INTERNET  SCHOOL  FOR  HER so your child can attend or get extra help. After teaching for over 15 years, being a head teacher for over 8 years and an Education Officer for over 5 years - Isn't this the lady who you would want to see establishing an educational institution in the CARIBBEAN  ONLINE?

Well honestly. . . Mommy, along with myself already teach private classes through our Computer Training School at: . So it's actually up, but we never let the world know about it until now.

Did I tell you that I pushed my brother - Lemercius Wallace to build his website for his studio that he started at: and since he has, people from overseas and locally contact him to play for weddings or provide live clean entertainment for parties and events?

Did I tell you that those employees that stuck with me during hard times, I've built websites for them and use http://www.kwconsulting/ to market them to the world?

Check out Joy Codrington's Website - . She designed it herself and she now gets not only more local clients, but tourists visiting St. Kitts find her online and use her services. I didn't even see her for today, she's been busy at plaiting appointments all day.

Can I tell you about Curtis Mulley? When he started showing me what he can do, I was amazed that he had such painting skills and I immediately donated a website with his services to him as a young man - - Since I did that, he gets more paintings sold and he recently got a BANK CLIENT who buys paintings from him often enough as gifts for their clients.

Another one of my colleagues - Kerese Dias built her basic webpage at and does desktop publishing on the side to make some extra money.

Technology is what is doing it!  can help get you out there.

I don't have it all yet and I don't want it all. I don't expect success to come over night. It will come in the long run once I stay trusting God and remain faithful and persisent. Nope. . . I'm not doing too much, you have to give birth to as many of your ideas, so if one doesn't live the full breath of it's life, you can always fall back on another one. It's a dangerous thing to just have or USE one talent alone. (Views are different in this regard)

Once I'm out of debt, living comfortably, able to look after my wife and family if it's God's will for me to get married. Once I'm able to have enough resources to preach and carry the Gospel around the world and HELP people through the ministry as that I founded at 21 years as a medical doctor too-, This will bring me MORE  JOY and I'll be completely happy with that.  I will be even more happier when God provides the funding for me to build my ministry dream - The Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre - Read about it HERE.

Friend - I never, ever want to portray myself as Mr. Perfect. At 26 years, having started my first business at 13, I know what it is to see a business rise, then fall and then have to build it again. That's what I'm doing now, except not the typical BRICK and MORTAR way, but using the INTERNET. Who said that the next Mark Zukerburg had to be a USA citizen - I belive the next youth to establish a fortune in the internet world will come from the Caribbean and if it's God's will, it may just be me. (Forgive me - I always stay optimistic and stay dreaming. I do this for the young people I lead to show them that they can reach the stars. It all starts with a DREAM.)

So. . . One day if you see my name in the Fortune 500 listings, always remember that I told you that a relationship with GOD + a little MUSTARD SEED faith + a spirit of DETERMINATION = SUCCESS.

Don't ever give up - there are dozens of HOPE  DEVOTIONALS that I personally wrote filled with much encouragement for you at my Devotional Site - - Head there now and stay HOPEFUL - DON'T  GIVE  UP!

Come out of your marketing BOX and start reaching the world! can help! The Internet is the way to go! Next time when I write like this, I may tell you that my search for an investor willing to buy shares in one of my small businesses or willing to buy over a business or willing to FUND it was successful. This will just be another testimony among the others that I use when I preach and speak at events to encourage my following! Add me to your Black Berry - BB PIN: 220067D8

Don't Give Up! Even if you're down on the ground and bleeding - still PUSH  ON! Dare 2 Be Different and always remember - Hope is Ahead!

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