Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dwight Berridge joins Dare 2 Be Different as Director of our new Spanish/French Arm of the Ministry (See his 1st Video Address to the World Inside)

A long enough ice cream meeting at Dare 2 Be Different International headquarters in St. Kitts, saw president Khrystus Wallace, officially welcoming Dwight Michael Berridge to his team as Director of Spanish-French Out Reach Division.

The ministry plans to build a dedicated Spanish and French Email List and Network over the next few weeks and create Spanish and French websites with devotionals, dramas, music, encouragement, advice etc.

Berridge was overly excited to be taken on his first tour of Dare 2 Be Different's small home based ministry. He was shocked that we were reaching so much of the world with our handful of resources and was eager to join and get started.

"Turn on the cameras. Turn on the mixer. Let's do something and get started!" I was shocked to see how excited he was, but I followed his request," commented President Wallace. "I honestly didn't expect our first meeting to be so fruitful and productive with Brother Berridge recording several audio/video programmes already.

By the time the evening was past, Berridge had already left information on how to build and translate the new Dare 2 Be Different Spanish Network and requested that it be sent to him to back check for errors.

He didn't stop there, he instructed our media team to turn the cameras on and he taped several Spanish programs already.

Berridge holds a BA in Spanish (major) and an minor in French. He is currently pursuing his Associate Degree in Education.
Cheers to Bro Berridge!

President Wallace acknowledged that he can do so much and no more alone and was happy for the help and diversification Berridge brings to the Dare 2 Be Different International team.

"This is just the start," added Wallace, "Ministers of the Gospel from churches of like faith, especially those who are not being used by their churches, will now get a chance to preach to Dare 2 Be Different's Worldwide audience via The Victory Centre - http://www.thevictorycentre.com/. It's not about me, or any of my team members. It's all about reaching the world for Christ. When Caribbean Pastors and leaders learn to work together, the world will see a drastic change in the impact it is suppose to be making."

The Dare 2 Be Different Team slowly and selectively chooses Ministry Directors who are ambitious, excited, blessed with a talent that will add to the ministry and available to God to do his work.

The ministry has dozens of lay volunteers that they can call on for assistance and encourages it's global following, no matter the country to sign up to become a general member at: http://www.thevictorycentre.com/MEMBER.htm  or a Dare 2 Be Different Card Holder Member at: http://www.d2bdifferent.com/cardholder.htm

"When you sign up from a Different country other than St. Kitts - Nevis, you can possibly help to be the link to our ministry's entry into your country as we fulfill our God Given Mission of Reaching the World." ended Wallace

Dare  2 Be Different Media Team

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