Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Charity Concert Artistes Needed for Dare 2 Be Different Charity Concerts

Artistes locally, regionally and internationally, are being sort by Youth Organization Dare 2 Be Different International (http://www.d2bdifferent.com/) to perform at on going Charity Concerts in St. Kitts  - Nevis in the Caribbean as the ministry raises funds to continue to impact youth all around the world.

Artistes are also invited to host charity concerts in their countries with an aim of helping the Youth Ministry raise funds too once they contact us for approval.

Two of the biggest initiatives that need funding are:

1. The Dare 2 Be Different Kenya Hub - http://www.daretobedifferentkenya.com/

2. The Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre Dream - Read about it HERE

Dare 2 Be Different has dozens of other ongoing worthwhile programs. One of them that is geared at empowering youth to get a skill and open their own businesses is Mission Mobilization - http://www.mmskn.org/. It has been going well, but lacks the funding to expand.

Interested parties can reach the ministry via email at: information@kwforchrist.com or BlackBerry PIN: 220067D8

Doing a Charity Concert in St. Kitts - Nevis for Dare 2 Be Different International gives them both exposure, a chance to relax in the luscious Caribbean Island Federation and also an opportunity to impact the future generation.

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