Monday, July 16, 2012

12 Year Old & 7 Year Old Screen Print T-shirts at the 1st Business Exploraton Camp (Pictures inside)

On Day 1, approximately five (5) hours after attending Dare 2 Be Different International ( and  1st ever Business Exploraton Camp, 12 year old Teesonie Wattley is already getting hands on experience and he is responsible for designing and helping to print The Leeward Islands Under 15 Warm Up Camp Shirts.

Jeadon Hodge, the 7 year old who flew all the way from Tortola, BVI and inspired the ministry to have something this summer vacation, bounced in for the afternoon session and was guided as to how to screen print his first ever shirt as he rushed to help Teesonie. After which, he had fun using Corel Draw to make his own designs. By the time the afternoon was complete, he was already using a US$15,000 embroidery machine to put his name on his shirt."

Khrystus, Camp Coordinator commented, " Why keep them back when their minds are young and ready to learn? I do not believe in victimizing and keeping back ANYONE. I will definitely be encouraging Jeadon's and Teesonie's mom to invest in some basic equipment for them so they can be kept positively occupied and make their own money after school hours in the process. It can happen, I started KVK when I was 13 years old, having ordered my first t-shirt kit from EBAY. I know it can happen" Jeadon, now 7 and Teesonie, now 12, if they continue using this skill, can have something considerable SAVED to help them get a great start to university.

President Khrystus Wallace continued, " We particularly tailored this camp to teach the youth a skill. We didn't want it to be theory at all. I think after months of school, they needed a break. I know this year, we are not catering for ALOT, ALOT of participants at a time, but the wise parents, who see the critical importance of allowing the child to learn a skill, have been contacting us, registering and making this minimal investment. You could never learn this for the fees we are charging. I had to buy a round trip ticket to the USA, pay hotel, buy food and pay for transportation. This is a steal of deal indeed for anyone who registers and takes advantage. Clients who fly into St. Kitts for me to teach them, have to pay FAR MORE. For those who never start their own businesses, they will get a certificate to show to other printers how many hours in each course they completed. This would be a plus if they are looking for a part time job by a printer or seeking employment at the end of their school career."

Participants, who are at different levels, but will be taught equally, would get the chance to learn to use Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, our embroidery software, learn screen printing, embroidery, heat press, mug printing, customer service, customs brokerage through  etc.

A smiling Joy Codrington who runs her own business (  that came to life under Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Project ( and Curtis Mulley of, another participant were on hand to help teach participants.

Wallace closed by saying, "I've been constantly questioned as to if I won't be threatened when one of these youths who I taught rises up and betters my business. I am not afraid at all. I am actually glad for them. I know that I am quite a rare and unique business man to be teaching my skill to others and opening up my business to select youth, but as a Youth Advocate, I am leading by example when I am helping to empower young people. My competitors I know hate this because it introduces more INNOVATIVE  YOUTH  in  the market but doing this gives me inner joy and inner peace that at least I would have made a difference in at least ONE LIFE. While I teach locally, orders have been trickling in from the Caribbean who we now serve through  and interestingly enough from the USA through . This shows me that St. Kitts-Nevis is no longer my only market, so I'm helping the youth to take advantage of the possibilities that exist HERE in St. Kitts - Nevis while I look at greener pastures. You just have to stay thinking!"

By the time the day was done, the participants were learning how to make their own Pizzas at this holistic Business Exploration Camp. Certainly, they would definitely leave knowing how to do at least ONE  THING.

The camp started on Monday 16th July, 2012 and has either AM or PM or FULL DAY sessions. It runs until the end of August, 2012.

Half Day Week sessions cost EC$50 and Full Day week sessions cost EC$75. Interested international businesses and organizations interested in sponsoring this Business Exploraton Camp further can email:

The Business Exploraton falls under Dare 2 Be Different's Mission Mobilization Project which is geared at empowering Youth - and is only catering to 15 participants each week.

Wallace will be running a FREE Nightly Vacation Bible School (called THE HOPE-CORNER) all throughout the Summer in the afternoon / evening from 5pm. Unlike typical Vacation Bible School, children and youth acan come in anytime between 5pm to 9pm, as Bible Stories, Positive Activities, Movies, Games etc would be played.

Dare 2 Be Different also plans to hold its first ever HOPE  PAGEANT  this summer using Boys and Girls who attend. (More Information Coming)

The sessions will be both informative and fun and seeks to impact the Youth and keep them off the street and positively occupied all summer long. "You see, after all the day camps and Vacation Bible Schools are over at 12 noon, our children have nothing left to do and that's where we come in. We really need our Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre, but until then, we'll use what we have. Is is OK to mention that we are LEADING the way with positive, interactive, fun, down to earth youth activities in the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis?

To all our followers locally, regionally, internationally, we crave your support financially, through gifts or otherwise, if you are blessed with what our ministry is doing to IMPACT our youth in St. Kitts and Nevis and around the world especially through our recently released - and popular Hope Is Ahead Motivational Website - "

Learn more about the mission centre dream - click HERE.

Submitted by Dare 2 Be Different Media Department

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