Monday, April 18, 2011

A Website is access to Opportunity

My telephone rang at around 11:50am today. It was the Senior Business Manager from an international firm telling me more about the services his company provides. I wondered for a moment - "how did he find out about my company." Then, he broke the ice, "Sir, when we came across your website, it amazed my team and they immediately drew it to my attention."

"I decided that I would make this cold call myself." he said. "Whoever put that website together, did a splendid job." I told him that I've been developing this site since I was 11 years old and adding bit by bit as my business progresses.

This baffled him again. "I wish I had his conversation saved." Our talk opened my eyes AGAIN to the many opportunities that exist across the world. I was thankful that I had a website, that was well marketed and working for me. (I've done all the marketing for my website using some simple tools) I've never paid for website optimization.

Time won't permit me to tell you about the international companies that call and email daily offering to pay to advertise on my website. I honestly believe ECOMMERCE can pay and I'll make it work step by step for me until I write my ECOMMERCE STORY.

Imagine - just imagine. Sitting at home or floating around in my pool (FUTURE) one day and letting my websites work for me.

You can start building your own website using our service. (using our WYSIWYG Editor) ~ What You See Is What You Get Editor.

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