Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't Lose the Hype!

. . .I stopped for a while TONIGHT - -just a few minutes ago and thought; and thought.

It's been a while since I last shared what's on my mind here on my Blog. Then I thought how easy it is to start something 'with hype,' lots of hype then stop so suddenly.

You see. . .if you are to climb to the top of ladder and stay there, We just can't start and stop. One of the commercials that has left an imprint on my mind ever since I saw it constantly as a child, is that of THE  ENERGIZER BUNNY. Do you remember? It keeps going and going and going. It never stops.

That's my encouragement tonight (9:18pm EST) as I pen these words.

I've gotten the encouragement and I've also been bash. Many Times. I've embarassed myself and been embarassed by others. I've failed at tasks and I've succeeded too. I sometimes felt like giving up at times. . .but, it's then and there I remember that God placed me on this earth to be a winner - not a quitter.

So. . . when those around you Try - Try I say - Try to pull you down. Stand Your Ground.

. . . and, if you ever fall. .  .get up quickly and keep on running. God's with you!

Don't give up! Keep the Faith! Keep on Going! Someday - You'll reach the top!  

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