Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Local Bankers Need A New Approach

Let's Push Our Bankers to Be Different
Sometimes when I stop by small sideway shops, things are so tight that their shops are nearly empty. Many of these owners think they don't qualify for a loan.
What if our local bankers were to appoint someone as a traveling loans/marketing officer who will go out to small businesses and offer to do a loan application on the spot, fill disclosure agreements etc and offer something small. Maybe $1000 - $5000. In the same light, offer to help them with their accounts and have a collections officer come around weekly to collect a small payment.
This will help them tremendously and gradually help to turn our economy around.
On Friday last, I was a bit shocked when I got a call from a certain US BANK's corporate officer who found us on the internet, pre-filled an application from the information he had and is hegging me to fax over over Articles of Incoporation and two pieces of ID for two officers from the account.
He showed me many benefits of banking in the USA and offered to set up a Merchant account which would allow me to get my deposits directly into the US account since I wasn't inland-USA. He informed me that getting access to cash wouldn't be a problem because they'll issue a Debit Card with automatic overdraft benefits etc etc.
Wow. . .imagine the USA is now marketing down here, what if they start doing that to many other people in the region, our local bankers will be affected greatly.
I may not go down in history for this idea, but I'll be comforted in the fact that I helped contribute in helping to turn our economy around.
Just an idea.

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