Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My mind went back. . .

As I travelled back and forth today making my daily rounds, my mind went back to a conversation I would have had with a young multi-talented individual. I didn't find that this person was talented because they told me about their talent - they backed it up with some of their fine pieces of work.

They actually WOWED me!

The shocker then came when I learned from them that they did what they did for fun and was having life real real hard and needed a job. My quick response was - You have all that it needs to start your own career right in your hands. They thought for a bit and then agreed. That was earlier this year, today, I received a text from that very same person saying that their new career was still working for them and they were now able to make more than the minimum wage most companies pay.

WOW - Congrats! If you've read this post and have been inspired to do something with your talents to cope/survive during these HARD economic times, then you've made the first step!

Hair Dressing, Secretarial Work, Nails & Toes, Admistrative, etc

Let me help you start your business or move advance technologically to the next level.

Khrystus Wallace

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